CrossPolitic Daily News Brief for Monday, August 10, 2020
Daily News Brief

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This is Nick Nugent with your CrossPolitic Daily News Brief for Monday, August 10, 2020.

Today, you will hear about potential foreign threats to the 2020 election, ongoing violence in Portland despite federal withdrawals, and a sober warning about nude sunbathing.

Sources for today’s briefing include the following:

Election Interference

– Statement by NCSC Director William Evanina: Election Threat Update for the American Public (

– Mueller report: 5 things to know about Russian interference in U.S. elections (

– The Chaos in New York Is a Warning (

– The Voting Will End Nov. 3. The Legal Battle Probably Won’t (

Portland Protests Help Trump

– Portland’s Democratic Mayor Begs Rioters to Stay Home: You’ve Become ‘A Prop for the Reelection Campaign of Donald Trump’ (

– Police brace for more protests in Portland after another night of clashes (

– Rocks, eggs, fireworks: Portland protests persist and continue to bring flashes of violence (

– Portland Mayor Pleads With Vandals: Don’t You See That You’ve Become A Prop For Trump’s Campaign? (

Naked Sunbathing and Wild Boars

– German nudist chases wild boar that stole laptop at Berlin lake

Nude man seen chasing down wild boar after it stole his laptop while he was sunbathing