Biden / Harris / Obama /Hillary – DNC Online Convention | Flipping California w/ Major Williams
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Major Williams was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. In 1996, he attended Trinity Valley Community College where he studied communications and media. He later transferred to Louisiana Tech University, and A few years later, Major attended Eastfield College, where he concluded his college basketball career to pursue a life of public service. In 2001, Major moved to California where he met his wife, Aja, and they have Kahlo (9,) Lord (4,) and York (1.)  Major Kicks for Kids is a non-profit gifting platform that the dynamic duo works tirelessly to build with the goal of helping economically disadvantaged kids succeed in life and pursue their dreams. Major shifted his focus in 2018 to run for Mayor of Pasadena, California, and now he is running for Governor of California in 2022.