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Big Eva and The Identity Crisis

Waterbreak: 09/04/2022



Good evening America! What does Big Eva and Joe Biden have in common, besides possible appearances on Epstien’s plane? They both are losing their minds. This Reminds me the difference between an atheist and big eva? The atheist is honest about not following the teachings of Christ. Most of the team is back and we are going to talk about So, grab your best scotch or Dr. Pepper and enjoy the show.




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Belly Flop or Canon Ball

What do you think are the top issues facing the evangelical church? Pastoral burnout? The LGBT=+ identity crisis? Fighting for your state to make abortion illegal? Church leaders getting arrested during the “pandemic”? This should be easy. Well, this past week, The National Association of Evangelicals came out with a report titled: “Loving the Least of These: Addressing a Changing Environment” and the goal of this study is to highlight how climate change will have the greatest impacts on those in poverty. Never mind what the pandemic did to the poor, no, big eva has to join with Greta Thunberg and speak against big Chrisitan families who own suburbans. 


Big Eva is in trouble, in trouble like Biden’s economy is in trouble. Biden’s economy is inflated with all the helium reserves of government school economics and Big Eva fog machines are running out.  


The tweet of the week came from GoThoughtLeader which stated: “Those who are angry about the loan forgiveness because they have already paid theirs off are like the day workers in Jesus’ parable who are angry that the master paid the same amount to the laborers who showed up later in the day. #debtforgiveness #Forgiveness”


Now, to be clear, this is a parody account, but he fooled some people, because it sounds so big eva. 


The point I want to drive home is that Big Eva will only address issues that the liberals give them permission to address, like climate change, immigration, or student loan forgiveness. This is why big eva went silent during the pandemic. This is why big eva whispers about RoeVWade being overturned. This is why big eva refuses to say anything that actually might set liberals off. But we want to be antifragile Chrisitans. The kind of Chrisitans that do not care what man thinks of us, and the kind of Christians that will say exactly what God wants us to say, in season and out of season. Our culture is full of cancer, and this cancer is impacting our classrooms, our politicians, our churches, our businesses and big eva will not stand up and fight against this cancer. It is refreshing when guys like Joe Rogan or Aaron Rodgers speak up, but shame on big eva for their silence. Just this passed week, Kyle Bass is an American investor and founder of Conservation Equity Management, was on Squawk Box speaking against ESG…




Rod Martin respond to this video:


ESG will bankrupt businesses.


Joseph Backholm

-On Thursday night Joe Biden addressed the nation, and he tried to cast republicans as anit-democratic and destructive. Listen to this clip.

Jacob Daniel: 

  1. It is clear that our political leaders want to label and cast identity onto groups of people in order to control the narrative and maintain power, how should we as Christians sort through identity politics? 
  2. How has our identity politics been fueled by a lack of discipleship from the church?  

News that John Branyan can trust:


Dogs Cry

Trump Isn’t Satan

Farley Blames Baptists for Inflation and Global warming. 


Go find ways to engage this world with your gifts and abilities, don’t hide your faith under a bushel, and to live out the Lordship of Christ in every area of your life. 


This is the Waterboy with Waterbreak, until next Sunday, go Fight Laugh and Feast. 

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