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Daily News Brief
CP Daily News Brief 01/29/2020

This is Gabriel Rench with your CrossPolitic Daily News Brief for January 29th, 2020.

Hunger Games 2020

Sanders Seizes the Momentum in NH


Sanders takes lead in California


Bloomberg surpasses Buttigieg in new national poll


Real Clear Politics Polls


Hunger Games 2020 is heating up as the socialist party heads towards the Iowa Caucus February 3rd. We go from Iowa Caucus on the 3rd to the New Hampshire primaries on February 11th to the Nevada Caucus on February 22nd and finally South Carolina primary on February 29th. This gets us to Super Tuesday on March 3rd. Super Tuesday brings in 16 primaries and caucuses to the circus, most notably California. Last year California voted to move their primaries up three months to join Super Tuesday.   

So, right now you have former Vice President Joe Biden leading the national polls, but at this point those national polls don’t matter. The candidates need to win states, not national polls. This is where you hear crickets from the democrats on removing the ideas behind the electoral college. So if we look at what the action looks like by state. 

Currently Biden is leading the Iowa poll, although it has been a very volatile poll. #BreadlineBernie appears to be leading in New Hampshire, Biden looks like he will take South Carolina, and #BreadlineBernie seems to be leading in Nevada. So if these polls remain true through the first four states, Biden will have more delegates but will be tied with #BreadlineBernie in terms of states won. I think “states won” is more important at this point leading into Super Tuesday, because that carries more electability weight on the Super Tuesday states. 

So Super Tuesday is really where the action is going to take place, and other factors come into play. For example #BreadlineBernie is leading the polls in California, Mayor Bloomberg is spending all his advertising cash in those states, and Pocahontas is unfortunately still viable. 

The other thing to consider is that the Democrats have “Superdelegates”, they are sort of a swirly super socialism maneuver that can be used when the death star is threatened.  

According to Reuters: “Superdelegates are elected Democratic officeholders who are part of each state’s delegation but are not committed to vote based on the outcome of the state’s nominating contest. All Democratic members of Congress and state governors are superdelegates.

In 2016, many superdelegates announced early support for Clinton, drawing criticism that the party was tipping the scales in her favor.

Superdelegates haven’t been eliminated in 2020, but new rules limit their influence. This cycle, they will likely not vote on the first ballot at the convention.”

Trump unveils Middle East peace plan calling for Palestinian state with capital in east Jerusalem


According to Disrn: “President Trump announced his much-anticipated Middle East peace plan Tuesday, which he described as “a win-win opportunity for both sides, a realistic two-state solution that resolves the risk of Palestinian statehood to Israel’s security.”

The plan calls for the creation of a Palestinian state with its capital in east Jerusalem, contingent upon Palestinians taking steps to become self-governing and root out terror. It also calls for the recognition of Israeli settlements in the West Bank in exchange for a four-year freeze on new settlement activity.”

The middle east is full of centuries of conflict, and I find it difficult to think that giving official state status to the conflict is going to help. In fact when Israel declared itself to be a nation on May 14th 1948, and recognized by President Harry Truman that same day, it has only aggravated the conflict in the middle east. A lot of the US’s involvement with Israel has been driven by bad theology, particularly eschatology. Those whose eschatology falls into the pre-mill camp generally believe that the jewish nation needs to be established in the promised land. The reason for this, is so that the sacrificial system can be rebooted in the rebuilt temple so end time prophecies can be triggered and fulfilled. One time me and my wife were attending one of my friends weddings, and at the church where the wedding was held, had a newspaper with an ad in it. The ad had a picture of Jerry Falwell welcome a jewishman on an airplane. The text of the ad basically said help fulfill biblical prophecy by raising money to send jews from America back to the promise land. It is this kind of theology that has driven some, not all, of our allegiances to Israel. Now establishing Israel as a nation in the middle east was I believe a mistake, but now that we have helped break it, we should help fix it. This is why theology matters, it affects everything, including our foriegn policies. So, of course we pray for peace in the Middle East, but what we really should be striving for, is that both Israel and the Palestinians repent. They need Jesus not a rebuilt temple. 

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