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CP: Governor Pete Ricketts Pro-life Proclamation Against Roe v. Wade

Governor Pete Ricketts Pro-life Proclamation Against Roe v. Wade

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We are on our east coast tour currently, and have had the privilege of meeting tons of listeners at G3 Conference, interviewing Eric Erickson, Sho Baraka, David French, George Grant, the executive Director of the Falkirk Center Ryan , and many others. We are very grateful to our club members and generous supporters for the providing us the resources to go on this trip. We have been truly blessed by you, and we hope our efforts and content are a huge blessing in 2020.

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Below is more info about Governor Ricketts and a couple pictures from our east coast tour.


During our east coast tour, we pulled over to interview Governor Pete Ricketts of Nebraska at the Balter Beerworks Brewpub. Governor Pete Ricketts signed a proclamation that Declares Roe v. Wade Anniversary as Statewide Day of Prayer to End Abortion.

Governor Pete Ricketts was sworn in as Nebraska’s 40th Governor on January 8, 2015. Nebraska has won the Governor’s Cup for the most economic development projects per capita three years in a row. President Donald J. Trump has appointed Governor Ricketts to serve on the Council of Governors and the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations. His family’s businesses includes Ameritrade as well as a majority of the board for the Chicago Cubs baseball team. Born in Nebraska City and raised in Omaha, Ricketts is the son of an entrepreneur and a public school teacher. Governor Ricketts and his wife, First Lady Susanne Shore, have been married for 22 years and live in Omaha. They have three children.

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