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CP: Happy Easter! Show Me the Data and Real Talk with Steve Deace

Happy Easter! We are live tonight at 7pm on YouTube, Facebook, and our App.

First, we are adding a new podcast to our network! We are so excited to bring you our first sports podcast In the Bullpen with Mark Dewey. This show will only be available in our app, which you can download here!

Secondly, we are so excited to be putting on our first annual Fight Laugh Feast Conference in Nashville October 1st through 3rd. Registration is now live. Seating is limited so register now! All club members get $100 off of registration, so if you are a club member or become a club member, email us at to get your discount code.

Lastly, we have new club content in our member portal! Biblical Counseling with Mike Lawyer, The Joy of Parenting with Pastor Doug and Nancy Wilson, God and Government and No Limits Eschatology both with Gary DeMar. We also added more East Coast Tour content including interviews with David French and Dr. Walt Williams. Support rowdy Christian media by joining our club, we can’t thank you enough!   

What you will find in this email:

  1. Network Mission
  2. Interview: Steve Deace
  3. Links to our Corporate Sponsor: New Saint Andrews College
  4. Our Upcoming Events Schedule
  5. News articles that we read throughout this past week

Network Mission
For far too long we have allowed secular media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and others to dominate our airwaves. The advancement of the internet and technology, means that CrossPolitic and the Fight Laugh Feast Network is not bound to the gatekeepers of mainstream media. But here is the catch, in order to compete with mainstream media, we need to crowdsource our efforts. What do I mean by that, we need you to join our army of club members, so that we will have the resources to not only compete with mainstream media, but to take it over because Jesus is King. So, we are building something that hopefully by the grace of God will become a big voice for Christians all over the world. In three years, with little resources, we have found placement in millions of households on Direct TV and Comcast, and we will reach about 3 million in podcast downloads in this year alone. Thanks for considering supporting our work, and of course above all we appreciate your prayers that we would stay faithful to the gospel, as we proclaim it in the public square. Join the Club, grow the movement, and pray for reformation and revival in our country.


Steve Deace

Steve Deace is a conservative American talk-show host. He also runs a podcast on YouTube called the Michigan podcast. He now appears on Blaze TV, the Blaze Radio Network and podcasts on The Steve Deace Show, with co-host Todd Erzen and producer Aaron McIntire, airing Monday through Friday from noon to 2 EST on the Blaze.

New Saint Andrews College

New Saint Andrews College exists to graduate leaders who shape culture living faithfully under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. New St. Andrews College utilizes a classical, Christian paradigm for higher learning emphasizing wisdom and truth more than pragmatism, integration and beauty more than specialization, and service and goodness more than power. The college honors this classical, Christian heritage and stresses truth, beauty, and goodness, emphasizing small classes and rigorous discussion of classical and biblical languages, history, music, theology, philosophy, and literature. The college has no dorms because it expects students to live and function as Christian adults in the local community. The College’s tuition is less than half of the average private college tuition and allows freshmen to lock in future tuition payments at their first-year rate. To preserve its religious freedom New Saint Andrews does not participate in the Federal Student Aid program, but the College does offer a variety of scholarships and grants. New St. Andrews College’s primary objective is to educate young Christian men and women broadly and deeply in the liberal arts from a distinctively Christian, Reformed perspective, to equip them for lives of faithful service to the Triune God and His kingdom, and to encourage the use of their gifts for the growth of Christian culture.

Visit our corporate sponsors–Classical Conversations, Samaritan MinistriesOne Hat TechnologiesSubsplashLogos Online School, New Saint Andrews College.

Upcoming Events

Grace Agenda

School of Practical Christianity

August 14th and 15th | MOSCOW, IDAHO

The Christian life is life. All the alternative ways of “living,” are really only different ways of dying. Faith in Christ, and the new birth which brought about that faith, enables a person to actually live. So, now that you’re alive, now what? How are you to live? How are you to love your neighbor? How are you to love the God who gave you that life? Welcome to the School of Practical Christianity.

Fight Laugh Feast Conference

October 1st through 3rd | Nashville, TN

Registration is Live!


October 23rd and 24th | San Diego, CA

Registration is Live!


Police Raid Mississippi Church’s Drive-In Service, Issue $500 Tickets to Entire Congregation

Mayor Fischer laments ‘painful’ time as drive-thru church services won’t be allowed for Holy Week

County of San Diego Health Order

Police arrest father for playing softball in park with 6-year-old daughter

Police cite woman for going on leisurely drive during Pennsylvania stay-at-home order

WALSH: We Have Become A Police State, And None Of Us Should Be Okay With That

Farmers Dump Milk, Break Eggs as Coronavirus Restaurant Closings Destroy Demand

Army field hospital at CenturyLink Field Event Center to be dismantled, returned to FEMA

Everything we know about the coronavirus stimulus checks that will pay many Americans up to $1,200 each

Kansas Republicans Undo Governor’s Coronavirus Order Prohibiting Large Religious Gatherings

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