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CrossPolitic Show
CP: Hunting the Caliphate w/Gen. Pittard & Special Ops Bryant | A Different Shade of Green w/Dr. Wilson


For this episode we bring you two interviews! The first interview is with the authors of Hunting the CaliphateGeneral Dana Pittard and Special Ops Wes Bryant. Hunting the Caliphate is a vivid, first-person account from two vastly differing but converging perspectives. See through the eyes of the senior enlisted special operations Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) who coordinated and controlled the first airstrikes against ISIS in Baghdad then went on to hunt ISIS across Syria and Afghanistan in the years to follow, and enter the strategic mind of the commanding general who initiated and led the campaign against ISIS in Iraq.

Be entertained, be riveted, and become enlightened as you learn the truth about how America’s war against ISIS began, how it has really been fought, and what steps need taken to ensure final defeat of the Islamic State and its terrorist networks.  

Second interview is with Dr. Gordon Wilson (New Saint Andrews College) regarding his latest book–A Different Shade of Green: A Biblical Approach to Environmentalism and the Dominion Mandate. We have been shockingly bad at using our Bibles and our brains when it comes to conservation and the environment. Unhinged environmentalism is not the answer, but neither are ignorance and apathy. It’s time for something different.

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