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CP: Idaho Legislator Republican Primary Race for District 5A

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Brandon Mitchels bio

Candidate for Idaho House 

District 5 Seat A

He grew up on a small farm in Syracuse Utah, raised a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He believes in protecting freedom, particularly religious freedoms and the Second Amendment. His decision to run for State House District 5A comes from his desire to serve his fellow citizens and protect our way of life.  He has endured many trials throughout his life, a broken home where illicit substances were present and lack of family values were dominate. In these early years, my grandfather tried to shelter me from my parents, he taught me to work hard, have integrity in all my business and personal affairs and strive to make something of myself.   I married my high school sweetheart and we have raised a wonderful family. 

In 2013 he purchased a local business in Moscow, Idaho and has made Moscow his home. Being a small business owner has prepared me for this next step in my life. 

Hari Heath’s bio:

Candidate for Idaho House 

District 5 Seat A

Living in rural North Idaho, Hari Heath has been an Idaho logger for a third of a century. Hari was a co-founder of the Small Loggers Council, that was originally formed to restart the Forest Service’s small salvage program, which remains non-operational today. He is a Co-author of the 2006 Idaho Judicial Accountability Act, an initiative which failed to get enough signatures to make it on the ballot. This very detailed citizen legislation would create a permanent Citizen’s Grand Jury to review judicial misconduct allegations. Hari started The Brushfire News in 1997, a small self-publishing effort as an alternative press was soon merged into the Idaho Observer. He’s a woodworker and primitive skills instructor, Hari has taught bowmaking, primitive forge, paddle carving, native paddlecraft design. Hari lives with his wife Judith in Santa, Idaho and seeks to be active in Idaho’s great future because he is a grandparent!

A longtime advocate for responsible Liberty, Hari is the current Chairman for the Benewah County Republican Liberty Caucus.

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