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CP Mid-week Fix: #BreadlineBernie is Out, Facebook Doesn’t Like Pocahontas, and Biden is Getting Trumped

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The news cycle has a lot going on this week, so hang on for the ride. Lots of news articles to pay attention to at the bottom of this email.

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Federal judge blocks ‘heartbeat’ abortion law

Jury convicts ex-Dallas police officer who fatally shot neighbor

Woke Math In Seattle

California to allow NCAA athletes to make money

Zuck on Elizabeth Warren as President

Giuliani: Democrats are covering up mass corruption during Obama administration

Maher blasts Hunter Biden’s Ukraine ties: If Don Jr. did it, Rachel Maddow would be all over it

Biden seeks to bar Giuliani from TV news, after Trump lawyer alleges possible Biden corruption

Intel Community Secretly Nixed Whistleblower Demand Of First-Hand … › 2019/09/27 › intel-community-secretly-gutted-requirement…

Report: Sen. Mitt Romney has connection to Biden-Ukraine scheme … › report-sen-romney-has-connection-to-biden-ukraine-scheme

US Embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros group during 2016 election

Let’s get real: Democrats were first to enlist Ukraine in US elections

Ukrainian to US prosecutors: Why don’t you want our evidence on Democrats?

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