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CP Mid-week Fix: Fight Laugh Feast Network Show on "The Equality Act"

The Fight Laugh Feast Network is growing. We are expanding our network and adding two more shows beginning in June!

How to Build a Tent, Westminster Confession of Funk, AD Robles, Campus Preacher, Law and Profits, and CrossPolitic make up the lineup, with The Patriarchy Podcast and The Theology Pugcast joining the first week of June. So tune in, enjoy the shows, support the network, and spread the word!

This was a network show to discuss the Equality Act, introduce you to our new podcast joining the network, and remind you of all the goodness that is coming from the current shows on the Fight Laugh Feast Network.

The Patriarchy Podcast

Tony Dipane and Pastor Joseph Spurgeon are headlining The Patriarchy Podcast, in order to remind the world that water does not flow uphill.

You can follow them here:

Tony Dipane was born to white-privileged cisgendered parents in the fascist oppressed regime of America. As legend has it, he was also born with a golden spoon in his mouth of which he still has and uses daily to spoon-feed his mansplaining to feminists. When not crushing the rights of women everywhere on his show, The Patriarchy Podcast, Tony enjoys a good steak…raw, right off the still living cow. He is happily married to his oppressed perpetually barefoot and pregnant wife, Amy, and has so far spawned four horsemen of the patriarchal apocalypse.

Pastor Joseph Spurgeon graduated in 1999 from the John Knox School for Boys and later went on to earn his MOpp (Master of Oppression) degree from Southern Misogynist Seminary. When not preaching the subjugation of females in his church, he wakes up every morning at 2AM for a quiet 25k run, after which he replenishes his liquids with the tears of feminists. Joseph and his wife, Rowina, reside in an undisclosed compound in southern Indiana, where they have five children.

About The Patriarchy Podcast

This is a podcast for men. Not boys. Not babies. Men.

The Theology Pugcast

Pastor C.R. Wiley, Dr. Glenn Sunshine, and Dr. Thomas Price are sure to make your heads spin in The Theology Pugcast.

Pr. C. R. Wiley is the Senior Pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Manchester in Manchester, CT. He is the author of The Household and the War for the Cosmos (Canon Press, 2019), as well as other books, and articles. He is a member of The Academy of Philosophy and Letters.

Dr. Glenn Sunshine is Professor of Early Modern History at Central Connecticut State University as well as Senior Fellow at The Colson Center. Glenn has written numerous books and articles. His most recent book is The Kingdom Unleashed, co-authored with Jerry Trousdale.

Dr. Thomas Price earned his PhD at the University of Oxford and he teaches Systematic Theology and Ethics at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and The University of St. Joseph.

About The Theology Pugcast

The Pugcast is produced by The Logos Center and features Pr. C. R. Wiley, Dr. Glenn Sunshine, and Dr. Thomas Price. The Pugcast is recorded at The Corner Pug–a well-known watering hole in tony West Hartford, Connecticut. (Hence the name, “pugcast”–also the reason there is so much background noise.) The show could be described as “3 over-educated Reformed guys riffing on philosophy, theology, and stuff that bugs them.” Each episode they invite you to take a seat in their booth and listen in on their conversation.


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House Dems Vote Unanimously to Pass ‘Equality Act’

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The LGBT Juggernaut: Time for Christians to Face Our Failure

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