CrossPolitic Show
CrossPolitic Show
CP Mid-week Fix: Jason Atkinson on His Run for Congress and Coronavirus Leadership

CrossPolitic’s mid-week fix drops tonight at 7pm with Jason Atkinson. We discuss his run for Congress, Coronavirus leadership, and why faith in Christ is central to politics.

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Show Summary and Guest

Jason Atkinson served as representative in the Oregon House, beginning in 1998 and then a senator in the Oregon State Senate from 2001 to 2013. He ran for the Republican nomination for Governor of Oregon in 2006. In the State Senate he has served as Deputy Majority Leader, Majority Whip and Committee Chair. He is a candidate for congress for District 2 in Oregon in 2020.

The Oregon primaries are scheduled for May 19th. Atkinson and his wife Stephanie live in Central Point with their son, Perry. The Atkinsons are Presbyterians.

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