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CP: New Saint Andrews College All Black Lives Matter Ad, Face Mask, Love Your Neighbor, Fear, and Government Overreach

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What you will find in this email:

  1. Network Mission
  2. Interview: President Ben Merkle, New Saint Andrews College
  3. Links to our Sponsor: Fight Laugh Feast Conference
  4. Our Upcoming Events Schedule
  5. News articles that we read throughout this past week

Dr. Ben Merkle

Fellow of Theology Dr. Ben Merkle is the college’s second president and previously served as the undergraduate dean. He holds a D.Phil. in Oriental Studies and an M.St. in Jewish Studies from Oxford University, England; an M.A. degree in English Literature, and a B.S. in Education (Secondary Education-Chemistry, with a minor in History) both from the University of Idaho. He also studied theology at Greyfriars Hall from 1998 to 2000.

Dr. Merkle served as a lecturer at New Saint Andrews from 2000 until 2005, when he was promoted to fellow of theology. He has taught the freshman introductory theology course, Lordship Colloquium, as well as Hebrew. He has also team-taught Anglo-Saxon.

Dr. Merkle was promoted to the office of president in 2015.

He has served as a minister at Christ Church, Moscow. He previously served as a part-time campus minister with Collegiate Reformed Fellowship, a campus ministry of Christ Church.

Dr. Merkle is the author of The White Horse King: The Life of Alfred the Great (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2009) and Defending the Trinity in the Reformed Palatinate: The Elohistae (Oxford University Press 2015). He is a contributing editor and former managing editor of the periodical Credenda/Agenda.

He and wife Bekah (B.A., 1998), the first graduate of New Saint Andrews, have five children.

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Upcoming Events

Grace Agenda

School of Practical Christianity

August 14th and 15th | MOSCOW, IDAHO

The Christian life is life. All the alternative ways of “living,” are really only different ways of dying. Faith in Christ, and the new birth which brought about that faith, enables a person to actually live. So, now that you’re alive, now what? How are you to live? How are you to love your neighbor? How are you to love the God who gave you that life? Welcome to the School of Practical Christianity.

Fight Laugh Feast Conference

October 1st through 3rd | Nashville, TN

Registration is Live!


The Moscow Order:

Idaho Data: No deaths under 50yrs in Idaho and over 80% (low) are above the age 70yrs old.!/vizhome/DPHIdahoCOVID-19Dashboard_V2/Story1

Richmond mayor invokes emergency powers to remove Confederate statues from city

Virginia law

PA Governor Signs Order Requiring Masks in Public


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