CrossPolitic Show
CrossPolitic Show
CP: Pocahontas Leads the Polls, Biden is Lying about Trump, and We Interview Allen West on Hold Texas, Hold the Nation
  1. Network Update: CrossPolitic will be in Seattle Nov. 1st and 2nd
  2. Interview: Allen West
  3. Link to our Corporate Sponsor: Moscow Family Dental
  4. Our fall conference schedule
  5. News articles that we read throughout this past week

Network Update
TLN (Total Living Network) is adding us to their TV network beginning September 6th. We are very grateful for this opportunity, and it is not possible apart from our Club members. So please join the Club! Every time we add a new show or network, the workload grows. By the grace of we have accomplished a lot the last three years without any full-time staff, and that needs to change. Also don’t forget, next 250 that sign up or increase their club membership will get a special edition, laser engraved Fight Laugh Feast pint!

We are live tonight at 7pm PAC time on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Sturdy Kids course hosted by Keith McCurdy is now available to our club members! If you are not a club member what are you waiting for Join here!

News and links are at the bottom of this email.

NRBTV on Direct TV: Channel 378 (Half hour show on Thursday at 4pm EST). You can also find NRBTV on apps, SmarTVs, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, AppleTV, and more.

TLN on Infinity and various Partners: Starting September 6th Friday nights at 8pm PAC time. TLN can also be found streaming on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Google Play.

Don’t worry if you miss us live, you’ll still be able to download the show on your favorite podcast platform.


Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Allen West joins us to discuss his latest book Hold Texas, Hold the Nation. We also dive into the election circus and the pro-life/end abortion debate. Keep up with the Colonel by his website:
Join our Club now and the next 250 that sign up or increase their club membership will get a special edition, laser engraved Fight Laugh Feast pint! Your membership will allows us to do four things: 1) help us create our own platform as big tech deplatforms conservatives, 2) provides us the resources to produce more shows and content, 3) help us expand our network, and 4) most importantly bring Choc Knox and the Waterboy on staff. We are so grateful for all the club members that have joined the last three years, and are so close to making big strides with these goals.

Upcoming Events

Reform Con 2019

We will be at ReformCon October 24th through 26th in Phoenix, Arizona! Sign up here.

Christ Over Politics

CrossPolitic will be in Seattle November 1st and 2nd! Trinity Church in Kirkland, WA is host a conference on Christ over Politics. Sign up now and hope to see you there! Conference

The mission of the G3 Conference is to educate, encourage, and equip for the work of ministry and for the glory of God. Our mission is built upon the foundation of the holy Scriptures and upheld by three pillars – gospel, grace, and glory. It is our goal to see the people who attend the G3 to reach the neighborhoods and the nations with the gospel.

2020 G3 Conference: January 16th – January 18th (CrossPolitic will be there!)

Sign up here:


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