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Daily News Brief
CrossPolitic Daily News Brief for Friday, December 4, 2020


This is Toby Sumpter with your CrossPolitic Daily News Brief for Friday, December 4, 2020.

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Facebook Privileges Some Hate Speech Over Other Hate Speech


Washington Post Reports: Facebook is embarking on a major overhaul of its algorithms that detect hate speech, according to internal documents, reversing years of so-called “race-blind” practices.

Those practices resulted in the company being more vigilant about removing slurs lobbed against White users while flagging and deleting innocuous posts by people of color on the platform.

The overhaul, which is known as the WoW Project and is in its early stages, involves re-engineering Facebook’s automated moderation systems to get better at detecting and automatically deleting hateful language that is considered “the worst of the worst,” according to internal documents describing the project obtained by The Washington Post. The “worst of the worst” includes slurs directed at Blacks, Muslims, people of more than one race, the LGBTQ community and Jews, according to the documents.

As one way to assess severity, Facebook assigned different types of attacks numerical scores weighted based on their perceived harm. For example, the company’s systems would now place a higher priority on automatically removing statements such as “Gay people are disgusting” than “Men are pigs.”

Facebook has long banned hate speech — defined as violent or dehumanizing speech — based on race, gender, sexuality and other protected characteristics. It owns Instagram and has the same hate speech policies there. But before the overhaul, the company’s algorithms and policies did not make a distinction between groups that were more likely to be targets of hate speech versus those that have not been historically marginalized. Comments like “White people are stupid” were treated the same as anti-Semitic or racist slurs.

In the first phase of the project, which was announced internally to a small group in October, engineers said they had changed the company’s systems to deprioritize policing contemptuous comments about “Whites,” “men” and “Americans.” Facebook still considers such attacks to be hate speech, and users can still report it to the company. However, the company’s technology now treats them as “low-sensitivity” — or less likely to be harmful — so that they are no longer automatically deleted by the company’s algorithms. That means roughly 10,000 fewer posts are now being deleted each day, according to the documents.

Trump Spoke on Wednesday Evening December 2, 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP0ixjE7JIU

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Kevin McCullough Claims to Have Proof That the Dominion Voting Machine Company was Purchased by China in October


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This comes just a few days after the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems, John Poulos wrote an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal explicitly denying any such business


Poulos writes: The allegations against Dominion are bizarre, but I’ll set the record straight. 

Dominion is an American company, now headquartered in Denver. Dominion is not and has never been a front for communists. It has no ties to Hugo Chávez, the late dictator of Venezuela. It has never been involved in Venezuelan elections. None of Dominion’s systems use the Smartmatic software that has come under attack, as any state certification lab could verify.

There is no secret “vote flipping” algorithm. Third-party test labs, chosen by the bipartisan Election Assistance Commission and accredited by a program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, perform complete source-code reviews on every federally certified tabulation system. States replicate this process for their own certifications. Postelection canvassing and auditing also exist to provide additional assurance of the vote totals’ accuracy.

The part of the election process on which Dominion focuses is highly regulated and certified. The company doesn’t work in noncertified areas such as voter-registration systems, poll books or signature-verification software, and it doesn’t provide vote-by-mail printing. Dominion voting machines do one thing: accurately tabulate votes from county-verified voters using a durable paper ballot controlled and secured by local elections officials.

Some of the main counties where results have been contested, like Philadelphia and Allegheny (Pittsburgh), don’t even use Dominion voting systems. In fact, across the 14 Pennsylvania counties that use Dominion systems, President Trump received 52.2% of the vote.

… Dominion is never able to affect the outcome of an election. The entire certification process makes sure of that… Dominion’s customers are election officials from both parties in the 28 states where it operates.

Unlike its critics, Dominion has had to attest to every part of its business ownership and operations to governmental agencies and in courts—under oath and penalty of perjury. 

But isn’t that what all those affidavits from eye witnesses are attempting to do? And what about all the voting inspectors who claim they were not allowed close enough access to the vote processing to do their jobs?

These attacks undermine the tens of thousands of state and local officials who run our elections. When it comes to counting ballots, officials have established a distributed, multilayered system with checks and balances, in which robust safeguards ensure that no one needs to trust blindly any person, company or technology. Here are some of the safeguards in place in Georgia, where the Trump campaign has contested the result:

On Election Day, poll workers—not Dominion systems—verify voters’ identities, including a signature check.

The state also enlisted Pro V&V, a certified third-party testing laboratory, to audit a random sample of Dominion machines. No tampering was found.

The wild allegations of recent weeks have fueled the harassment of election officials and Dominion employees across the country—including stalking and death threats. The lies and smears have no basis in fact, but they do real damage to our democracy by casting doubt on the legitimacy of the electoral process. The false allegations should be retracted immediately.

Citizens should know that America’s rigorous, layered and transparent electoral process—in which Dominion is proud to participate—ensures its elections are secure, accurate and credible.

So either Dominion is owned by China as part of an effort by Hugo Chavez to swing American elections and the CEO of Dominion is lying his head off. Or else, Kevin McCullough is lying his head off, or at least very, very mistaken. 

Christians should care about the truth. We should not be naively taken in by mass media or naively taken in by conspiracies, mobs on the left of mobs on the right. But if we are Christians, we love the truth, and we want the truth to known. 

The reason we have this kind of confusion and deception filling our land is because we are a people who have put up with and embraced lies for decades. We have put up with the lie that the government can vote to steal our neighbors land and income if the majority votes for that tax hike. We have put up with the lie that the Supreme Court can mandate the murder of the unborn in our states. We have put up with the lie that what two dudes do in the privacy of their own room doesn’t affect me and my family. But perhaps most insidiously, we have put up with lies in the church. We have pastors and elders with rebellious children, and we have lied to the world about what God says qualifies a man for office. We have put up with soft, limp-wristed preachers who mince their words and preach on the sins of the people across the street rather than insisting that we have a godly man tell us what our sins are and require us to repent in the fear of God. Until the Christian Church quits putting up with lies, our country will continue following our example to the tee.

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