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Daily News Brief
CrossPolitic Daily News Brief for Wednesday March 24th, 2021
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This is Gabriel Rench with your CrossPolitic Daily News Brief for Wednesday March 24th, 2021

In this brief we talk Biden and more money, Rand Paul and vaccines, problems at the border, and gun control. But first: 

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According to Krem2 News:

Biden eyes $3T package for infrastructure, schools, families


“The White House plans are still preliminary, with a combined $3 trillion in spending proposed to boost the economy and improve quality of life, according to a person familiar with the options who insisted on anonymity to discuss private conversations.

While the goal is a bipartisan package, Democrats in Congress have signaled a willingness to go it alone if they are blocked by Republicans.

“We need to get it done,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., ahead of the virtual meeting with Biden at the senators’ annual retreat Monday evening.

An infrastructure package would include roughly $1 trillion for roads, bridges, rail lines, electrical vehicle charging stations and the cellular network, among other items. The goal would be to facilitate the shift to cleaner energy while improving economic competitiveness.

A second component would include investments in workers with free community college, universal pre-kindergarten and paid family leave.

No part of the proposal has been finalized and the eventual details of any spending could change.”

Speaking of Crazy out of this world Budget proposals, listen to Senator Rand Paul interview Fauci regarding vaccines and masks:

Play video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=saved&v=456853642403727

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Migrant crisis forces Arizona border town to declare ‘state of emergency’


According to Fox Business:

“Gila Bend, Arizona, Mayor Chris Riggs says he is declaring a state of emergency due to the ongoing border crisis, blaming the Biden administration for sending migrants to his town by bus.

Riggs, in a First on FOX Business interview, said that his town is not equipped to handle the number of people coming in, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

“Border Patrol let us know that they were going to be dropping migrants that had been detained for 72 hours in our town, which we really didn’t understand because we have nothing here,” Riggs told FOX Business. “We have no charity organizations that can help, no non-governmental organizations that a lot of the larger cities and towns do have to assist these people.”

Riggs went on to say that people are being bussed over to his town without access to food or shelter. He said that his town — which has a population of just 2,000 — has not received any federal, state, or local funding to help provide food or housing for migrants, or for coronavirus testing.”

So, is AOC going to do a photo op at the border anytime soon? Is VP Harris going to visit the border? 

Let’s see what she has to say:

Play video: https://disrn.com/news/vice-president-harris-laughs-when-asked-if-she-will-visit-the-border

Boulder Shooting Suspect Ahmad Al-Issa Posted Anti-Trump Messages.


According to the Daily Mail


“The gunman responsible for a mass shooting at a Colorado grocery store on Monday has been identified as 21-year-old Ahmad A Issa.

Alissa is now in custody and has been charged with 10 counts of murder. At 2.40pm, he opened fire on King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, killing ten people.

He was taken into at 3.28pm and was transported to the hospital to be treated for injuries. He is now in a stable condition and has been charged but his motive remains unknown.”

So, if we can blame all racism against Asians because of one lone white horny gunman, can we also blame an anti-trumper, sympathetic Islamic extremist, Biden supporter with grocery store violence nationwide? I mean if Author Meena Harris, you know the niece of Vice President Kamala Harris, tweeted out Monday regarding the Atlanta shooting this

“The Atlanta shooting was not even a week ago. Violent white men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country,” 

I bet Biden is going to push for imigration reform after this?

Biden calls for “assault weapons” ban in aftermath of Colorado shooting


Play video: https://twitter.com/CATERINAV/status/1374407759773364231

Biden considering executive action on gun control, Psaki says


The latest according to Fox News: 

“President Biden is considering executive action on gun control in the wake of two mass shootings in less than a week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday. 

Psaki did not specify what action Biden might take.

“We are considering a range of levers, including working through legislation, including executive action,” Psaki told reporters. “That has been under discussion and will continue to be under discussion.” 

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