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CrossPolitic Freestyle Happy New Year 2018: Bible, Bible, Bible, and more Bible!

Happy New Year! We are so excited for 2018, and already have a full schedule of interviews ahead of us. We are also working on some special projects that we’re hoping to announce this spring. We are also scheduling, as our time allows, one CrossPolitic Live show per quarter. If you want to host a live CP show at your conference or special event, please email us at

Welcome to our freestyle episode, where you get a full hour of Choc Knox, Pastor Toby, and Water-Boy Gabe. No interview, no interruptions, just full-concentrate post-mil goodness. In this episode, we hit hard on our nation’s failure to carry out Biblical justice, we have some fun discussing New Year’s resolutions, and we also talk about how God uses our broken bodies to bring life to the world. This episode runs a little longer than normal, but the ending is worth it.

In CrossPolitic news, we discuss the GOP tax plan, the Universal Declaration of Players Rights for professional athletes, and Swarthmore College’s course offering ‘Queering God’.

You can stream live from our website here, or you can find our newest episode in the iTunes store and Google store.

1) CALLED Conference July 16th through 20th– a conference that will challenge Christian high school students to become the next generation of cultural leaders, because they are CALLED…
→ to put on the whole armor of God
→ to engage culture
→ to advance the Kingdom

2) Trinity Reformed Church Epiphany Lectures are March 2nd and 3rd. Followup website for details.

3) Grace Agenda: Enraging Culture April 13th and 14th in Moscow, Idaho. Register here!

4) 2018 SHEPHERDS’ CONFERENCE: THE GOOD FIGHT: Pastor Toby Sumpter will be speaking February 21st through the 23rd in Bloomington, Indiana. Click here to register!

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