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CrossPolitic Freestyle: No Show Peterson, Humanism, and Soft Men in the PCA

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Show Notes

We had Dr. Jordan Peterson scheduled for the show today, but he had to cancel at the last minute. We think he needed to walk his dog or something. Don’t worry, his staff will be working with us to get him back on the show at a later date.

For this episode, we discussed Peterson’s worldview, the reasons for his quick rise to fame, and why he is dangerous.

In CrossPolitic news, we discuss Andrew White, an elder in the PCA who is running for Governor of Texas as a Democrat. We also discuss a smartphone app developed to create contracts for one night stands to ‘prove’ sex is consensual.

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2) Trinity Reformed Church Epiphany Lectures are March 2nd and 3rd. Followup website for details.

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  1. Hello from Savannah, GA!

    My husband and I love listening to your show. Thank you for producing!

    I had a question regarding the episode on Monday, January 29. When it comes to elder’s children not walking with the Lord, is there an age when it is no longer the parent’s “responsibility?” (I cringe slightly even as I write that)

    For instance, are there exceptions for elders who have grown children who have walked away from the Lord after leaving the home?

    Further, my husband and I are seven months pregnant with our first (yes, Knox, we are gonna baptize him), what would our role be in addressing an elder or situation without criticizing from an arm chair, never having raised a child of our own yet?

    Thanks again for the show!


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