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We are excited to announce that we will be doing a live show at the Founders Conference January 3rd through 5th on sexuality and race. Register Here and more details to follow. We hope to see you there.

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Set Free Course: Set free from the sin of pornography. We teamed up with Faithwire to produce a seven session course on combatting sexual sin. Pastor Doug Wilson, Pastor Toby Sumpter, Pastor Jeff Durbin, and others join us in this course. Head on over to, enter in the coupon code crosspolitic for your 20% discount, and be encouraged as you fight sin, flesh, and the devil.

Founders Conference: Pastor Tom Ascol, Pastor Voddie Baucham, Pastor Josh Buice

Do Justice
Love Kindness
Walk Humbly

What does this mean for God’s people today? How can Christians fulfill these responsibilities in a world that has been so deeply broken by sin? What is justice? How should we pursue it? What do biblical kindness and love look like? What does it mean to live humbly? Join us as we explore these and other questions through the exposition of God’s Word in the 2019 Southeast Founders Conference.

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Show Notes:

Pastor Curt Allen, of Solid Rock Church, joins us to discuss his newest album: The Appendix. Go get it at these links below:

The album can be downloaded (not yet available for streaming):

On iTunes:

On Amazon:

In Wrath and Grace:

In CrossPolitic news we discuss:

  1. Christians are Dangerous
  2. Twitter is Dangerous
  3. Taiwan voters reject same-sex marriage in referendums
  4. Handgun buyers would have to give cops social media passwords under New York proposal

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