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Daily News Brief
Daily News Brief for Friday, July 30, 2021


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Prayers to the Covid Vaccine and much more on today’s CrossPolitic Daily News Brief

This is Toby Sumpter today is Friday, July 30, 2021.

“In the beautiful town of Moscow, ID, Erber Automotive is looking for Christians to join forces and wage war together on broken cars. Since Adam’s fall, cars have been suffering at the hand of the second law of thermodynamics, starting with that very first Eden Model 1 that Adam puttered out of the garden. Paul said that all creation groans, and he’d never even heard a poor car owner on the side of the road with a steaming engine! At Erber Auto, you’ll work to make auto repair fun for customers with bouncy castles, motorcycle cruises, and honest service. Most importantly, you’ll work alongside Christians to show entropy the Uno reverse card!

Erber Auto is looking for a shop manager/service writer, and is always looking for resumes from qualified and experienced technicians, who are ready to do battle with the forces of evil, or at least metal fatigue. They have 2 positions to fill at competitive salaries. Please send your resume to business@erberauto.com.”

Mark Driscoll is Back in the News


ore than 40 elders who served with Mark Driscoll during the final years of Mars Hill Church are publicly calling for him to step down from his current pastoral position and seek reconciliation with those he has hurt.

“We are troubled that he continues to be unrepentant despite the fact that these sins have been previously investigated, verified, and brought to his attention by his fellow Elders, prior to his abrupt resignation” from Mars Hill, they wrote in a statement originally released Monday to CT. “Accordingly, we believe that Mark is presently unfit for serving the church in the office of pastor.”

Driscoll founded The Trinity Church in Scottsdale in 2016, two years after resigning from Mars Hill at the conclusion of an investigation into his leadership. In recent months, several former Mars Hill elders have heard directly from members leaving The Trinity Church over concerns around Driscoll.

Several former members of The Trinity Church, including its recently resigned director of security, Chad Freese, have begun to share their experiences online. Their accounts and criticism predate Christianity Today’s recent podcast, The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, which looks back at the factors around the former church’s growth and collapse under Driscoll.

When the Eneas family joined The Trinity Church last year, they felt like they fit in as fellow transplants from the Pacific Northwest. “We were even telling our friends, ‘Don’t google him, just come and see it for yourself,’” she told CT.

[Wait, wait. Stop. Pause. Time out. This should be a first warning flag. Why would you not do any investigating? Why would you not ask questions about what happened in Seattle? This seems like an enormous lack of wisdom and discernment. So I’m already a skeptic about your ability to assess Driscoll. Ok, continue.]

CT continues: [Mrs. Eneas] is grateful for the counsel she received from some former Mars Hill elders who joined an 85-member Facebook group of people who left Driscoll’s congregation in Scottsdale. She estimates that over 100 people in the church she now attends had also left Trinity.

[Wait. Wait. Stop. You joined a Facebook group of people who left Driscoll’s congregation in Scottsdale? And that’s not weird??? I’m sure there is only wholesome, uplifting things being said in that Facebook group. No bitterness. All very judicious, gracious, forgiving. No slander. No gossip. I’m sure every report is carefully investigated and all accusations are being taken directly to Mark Driscoll and the elders of his church…. Maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath.]

No I haven’t listened to the chart-topping CT podcast called Who Killed Mars Hill? The rise and fall of Mars Hill… but do I trust the story-tellers? Nope. Not a bit. Remember Christianity Today has long since rejected fidelity to Scripture. Am I saying that Driscoll was sinless or perfect? Nope. Do I think he made some big mistakes. Yep. But I also think there were a lot of enemies of the gospel that wanted him taken down. And there are still many enemies of the gospel that are happy to use the more faithful to stir up discontent and bitterness. Be judicious, people.

Remember as the church goes, so goes the world. We are practicing for a certain kind of public square. 

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Biden Wants to Push Toward Universal Vaccine Mandates

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Dr. Wayne Koch, a professor at Johns Hopkins Medicine from Columbia Presbyterian Church in Maryland

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“When you see the person next to you, we hope that person is vaccinated, but we hope that they have the Spirit dwelling in them…”

Giving the best spin on this, this guy is being very unclear. Worst case, he’s basically equating the COVID vaccine to the Holy Spirit – our protection, our assurance. 

But also prayers and poems to the vaccine… 


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Maybe you should pray louder; perhaps you god has gone on a long journey or is in the bathroom… 

House Passed Spending Bill without Hyde Amendment


The House of Representatives passed a package of spending bills this week without provisions banning federal funding for most abortions in the U.S. and abroad, marking the first time in decades that the restrictions have not been included.

The changes face long odds in the evenly divided Senate, where moderate Democrats and Republicans have said they oppose removing the abortion limits, but the House’s move represents a milestone in the national battle over abortion access.

The Hyde amendment… prohibits federally funded programs like Medicaid from paying for abortions except in the cases of rape, incest or to protect the life of the woman. It was first passed in 1976 and has been added to every federal spending bill since.

Psalm of the Day: Psalm 5

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