Good Monday ladies and gentleman, this is Garrison Hardie with your CrossPolitic Daily News Brief for Monday, July 18th, 2022. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend with you and yours’, so let’s start this week off right. Here’s what you may have missed over the weekend:


Lia Thomas nominated by University of Pennsylvania for NCAA ‘Woman of the Year’ award


The University of Pennsylvania nominated swimmer Lia Thomas for the NCAA “Woman of the Year” award.


According to an announcement from the NCAA, the University of Pennsylvania nominated the transgender athlete for the award, which recognizes female student-athletes.


“Established in 1991, the award recognizes female student-athletes who have exhausted their eligibility and distinguished themselves in their community, in athletics and in academics throughout their college careers,” the NCAA nomination page reads.


NCAA member schools “are encouraged to celebrate their top graduating female student-athletes by nominating them for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award,” the announcement reads.


After member schools make their nominations, their conference can then select up to two nominees.


Thomas, a former swimmer at the University of Pennsylvania, won the 500-yard freestyle event at the 2022 NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships Thursday.


Her participation in college women’s swimming has brought on a national debate, with some saying that she has an unfair advantage over other athletes.


Riley Gaines, a swimmer at the University of Kentucky who tied with Lia Thomas for fifth place at the NCAA swimming championships, said that a majority of females aren’t okay with the trajectory of female sports.


“The majority of us female athletes, or females in general, really, are not okay with this, and they’re not okay with the trajectory of this and how this is going and how it could end up in a few years,” Gaines said on the “Unmuted with Marsha” podcast with Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn.


She was referring to the NCAA’s refusal to change the rules in order to protect competitiveness in female sports.


The University of Pennsylvania also nominated Iuliia Bryzgalova for the award, who plays tennis at the school.


Hey, speaking of playing dress-up,


Judge blocks Biden admin’s transgender school bathroom rule for athletes


A federal judge has blocked a directive from President Joe Biden’s administration that allowed transgender workers and students to use school restrooms matching their gender identities. 


It also allowed transgender athletes to join sports teams corresponding with their chosen genders.


The directive was blocked by Judge Charles Atchley Jr. of the Eastern District of Tennessee, a Trump appointee, after a coalition of 20 Republican attorneys general sued last year, Reuters reported.


The plaintiffs argued the federal directive clashed with state laws and prevented states from enforcing their own laws that banned transgender school bathroom use.


Judge Atchley agreed, saying in his opinion the states “cannot continue regulating pursuant to their state laws while simultaneously complying with Defendants’ guidance,” Reuters reported.


The states also argued the Biden administration’s Justice Department, the Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission — the defendants in the case — improperly justified the bathroom directive through the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Bostock v. Clayton County.


In the case, Clayton County fired county employee Gerald Bostock for “unbecoming” behavior after he participated in a gay recreational softball league. The Supreme Court ruled in 2020, that workplace sex discrimination in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 should extend to sexual orientation and gender identity.


The high court said in its decision they were not deciding whether “sex-segregated bathrooms, locker rooms, and dress codes’ violate Title VII.”


The department suggested the court’s decision should be applied to sex-segregated bathrooms — but Judge Atchley disagreed.


The Supreme Court in Bostock “explicitly refused to decide whether ‘sex-segregated bathrooms, locker rooms, and dress codes’ violate Title VII,” the judge said in his opinion, Reuters reported.


Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor, who was among the plaintiffs, called the decision “a major victory for women’s sports and for the privacy and safety of girls and women in their school bathrooms and locker rooms,” per the report.


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Let’s shift focus to our southern border…


More than 2 million illegal border encounters so far in fiscal 2022


More than 2 million people have been encountered or apprehended at the U.S. southern border in fiscal 2022 through June, according to official data released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.


It’s the largest number recorded in a fiscal year in U.S. history. They total 2,002,604 from over 150 countries.


In June, a record 207,416 people were apprehended, the highest number recorded in June in the history of the Department of Homeland Security.


The total includes those apprehended and encountered by U.S. Border Patrol and Office of Field Operations staff. They exclude gotaways first reported by The Center Square, which includes at least another 50,009 people.


The total for June, including gotaways, was 257,425, a record high for the month.


“Gotaways” is the official term used by Border Patrol to describe foreign nationals who enter the U.S. illegally and don’t surrender at ports of entry but intentionally seek to evade capture from law enforcement. They are currently in the U.S. and no one in law enforcement knows who or where they are.


The last time encounters were nearly this high was the last summer of the presidency of Bill Clinton. In June 2000, 117,469 people were encountered/apprehended at the southern border, excluding gotaways.


In May, CBP reported the highest monthly total of apprehensions at the southern border in recorded U.S. history of 239,416, excluding another minimum 70,793 recorded gotaways.


In April, CBP reported 235,478 total encounters/apprehensions; in March, 222,239; in February, 165,902; in January, 154,816. The totals all exclude gotaway data.


Despite a record number of people coming to the southern border, CBP says it “continues to enforce U.S. immigration law and apply consequences to those without a legal basis to remain in the U.S.


“Current restrictions at the U.S. border have not changed; single adults and families encountered at the southwest border will continue to be expelled, where appropriate, under CDC’s Title 42 Order. Those who are not expelled will be processed under the long-standing Title 8 authority and placed into removal proceedings.”


But this isn’t what’s happening, Republican governors and attorneys general nationwide argue. This week, 19 AGs filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of a lawsuit filed by Texas and Louisiana. The lawsuit was filed in response to a directive issued by DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that drastically altered deportation policy, which the states argue contradicts federal law established by Congress and allows more people to stay in the U.S. illegally, including violent criminals.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis implemented a range of policies to combat what he describes as the “Biden border crisis,” including suing over the Biden administration’s “catch and release” and other programs. Texas and Missouri have sued the administration over several border security issues, including halting border wall construction and reimplementing an Obama-era program allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the country.


Texas and Arizona also have implemented a range of border security measures costing their states’ taxpayers a combined multiple billions of dollars to thwart criminal activity stemming from the southern border. And Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says his state’s law enforcement officials have confiscated enough fentanyl to kill nearly every man, woman and child in the U.S., which is brought into Texas illegally from Mexico.


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Now for the topic that I love… sports! 




Gavin Newsom continues to put himself in his favorite place to be; the news.


This time he’s making headlines with regards to UCLA’s impending 2024 move out of the Pac-12 Conference to the Big 10.


In a recent interview with Fox 11 in Los Angeles, Newsom explained how he heard about UCLA’s decision and his initial reactions to it.


He specifically highlighted that UCLA did not give advance notice to the University of California system’s Board of Regents, saying the negotiations were “done in isolation” and without their “oversight or support.”


The full quote is even more critical, with Newsom implying he was frustrated with finding out about it in the news like everyone else:


Gavin Newsom says UC regents not consulted about UCLA leaving Pac-12– Play 0:20-1:42


For his part, Martin Jarmond, the UCLA Athletic Director, claimed the move was mostly about increasing “exposure” in the NIL era. By opening the school up to potentially more nationally televised games and East Coast markets, Jarmond says they can now provide an enhanced opportunity for student-athletes to find “their voice and their brand and what’s important to them.”


But importantly, Newsom also signaled that UCLA might not be able to pack their bags as quickly as expected.


During the interview he stated that the Regents have already been “looking into it” with regards to potential options:


UCLA has been in deep financial trouble, accruing over $100 million in debt in just the past few years. The Big 10 currently offers significant revenue advantages over the Pac-12 and undoubtedly will allow UCLA to clear up its poor finances more quickly.


Whether or not Newsom and the UC Board of Regents will be able to do anything to stop or slow the move remains to be seen. But it’s odd that Newsom is on one hand claiming that he’s a champion of “freedom” in California while doing his best to impede UCLA’s freedom to improve their stature and financial situation.


Like many who have fled his state’s managerial incompetence, UCLA has found greener pastures with an organization based elsewhere. Newsom apparently just doesn’t like losing.


Newsome is crushing California’s economy so hard, that even his woke universities are making the most of capitalism, in order to find greener pastures… As a football fan, I kind of get it. The Pac-12 has done a poor job of getting the west-coast schools exposure when it comes to televised games… especially because the east coast is already going to be asleep during a lot of the prime time competitions for the Pac-12. Do you really think someone in Eastern time is going to stay up and watch a 3 & a half hour long football game? No thanks. 


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