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Daily News Brief for Thursday, August 26, 2021

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New York’s New Gov Adds 12K to State’s COVID Death Count


New York’s incoming lieutenant governor supports the movement to defund police departments.


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Democrat Gov. Kate Brown Proudly Drives Oregon Back To COVID Tyranny

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown just joined the ranks of Democrats proudly turning back to their old, tyrannical COVID-19 ways by mandating masks outdoors.

Dr. Facui was on 

The Mehdi Hasan Show

SWISS Policy Research

Updated: August 2021

Published: July 2020

Contents: A) Published studies B) Real-world evidence C) N95/FFP2 masks D) Additional aspects E) The aerosol issue F) Contrary evidence G) Mask-related risks H) Conclusion

  1. A May 2020 meta-study on pandemic influenza published by the US CDC found that face masks had no effect, neither as personal protective equipment nor as a source control. (Source)
  2. A Danish randomized controlled trial with 6000 participants, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in November 2020, found no statistically significant effect of high-quality medical face masks against SARS-CoV-2 infection in a community setting. (Source)
  3. A large randomized controlled trial with close to 8000 participants, published in October 2020 in PLOS One, found that face masks “did not seem to be effective against laboratory-confirmed viral respiratory infections nor against clinical respiratory infection.” (Source)
  4. A February 2021 review by the European CDC found no high-quality evidence supporting the effectiveness of non-medical and medical face masks in the community. Furthermore, the European CDC advised against the use of FFP2/N95 masks by the general public. (Source)
  5. A July 2020 review by the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine found that there is no evidence for the effectiveness of face masks against virus infection or transmission. (Source)
  6. A November 2020 Cochrane review found that face masks did not reduce influenza-like illness (ILI) cases, neither in the general population nor in health care workers. (Source)
  7. An April 2020 review by two US professors in respiratory and infectious disease from the University of Illinois concluded that face masks have no effect in everyday life, neither as self-protection nor to protect third parties (so-called source control). (Source)
  8. An article in the New England Journal of Medicine from May 2020 came to the conclusion that face masks offer little to no protection in everyday life. (Source)
  9. A 2015 study in the British Medical Journal BMJ Open found that cloth masks were penetrated by 97% of particles and may increase infection risk by retaining moisture or repeated use. (Source)
  10. An August 2020 review by a German professor in virology, epidemiology and hygiene found that there is no evidence for the effectiveness of face masks and that the improper daily use of masks by the public may in fact lead to an increase in infections. (Source)

Delta Air Lines jacks up health insurance premiums for unvaccinated employees


CIA, U.S. Troops Conduct Missions Outside Kabul Airport to Extract Americans


SHELF SHORTAGE Christmas ‘could be cancelled’ as UK food shortage crisis hits supermarkets


Which chains are facing shortages?

A SHORTAGE of lorry drivers has wreaked havoc for fast food chains that have been running out of menu items. Here’s a list of the firms that have been impacted so far…

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