Daily News Brief
Daily News Brief
Daily News Brief for Thursday, August 3rd, 2023

This is Garrison Hardie with your CrossPolitic Daily News Brief for Thursday, August 3rd, 2023. 


Isn’t it about time to take action on how you’re going to give your children and grandchildren a good music education? Moses, David, and all the Saints of the church have worshiped God with musical might, so let’s be confidently found doing the same. 


Bohnet Music Academy instructs children and adults in how to be musically literate. That’s everything you need to know and do as the musician God made you to be. Lessons are available locally in Moscow, ID and online. What’s great is that in addition to getting vocal training, you can also study the piano, guitar, violin, cello, drums, or the trumpet.  


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Listen to this! Some good education news… 




High school senior boys nearly twice as likely to be conservative as liberal: Survey


A University of Michigan survey found that boys in their senior year of high school are almost two times more likely to identify as conservative than as liberal. However, for twelfth-grade girls, they are even more likely to consider themselves liberal than conservative.


On the Monitoring the Future survey, which is considered a scholarly endeavor that dates back to the 1970s, according to The Hill, political differences that were once somewhat close have drifted farther apart.


For high school senior boys, the shares of conservative versus liberal were nearly identical between 2014 and 2016, around 19% for both factions. By 2022, that number had shifted to 23% for conservative, which was actually down three points from 2020.


Since that 2016 marker, boys identifying as liberal in grade twelve have plummeted to 13%.


The 2020-2023 numbers are the highest they’ve been for conservatives since the early 1990s, although the figures have nearly always hovered around the 20% mark, save for 1998-2002.


Just a reminder that while this is positive, conservatism without Christ is what got us to this point where we are now. 


Now an update from Budlight. 




Distributors Giving up on Bud Light – No Longer Expect Beer Giant to Recover 


The embarrassment is real for Bud Light.


Several distributors of Anheuser-Busch beer say they have accepted the fact they’ve lost money — and a lot of it — due to consumers boycotting Bud Light. And not just that, but they’ve also given up completely on trying to win back customers who have been negatively affected by the anti-American beer’s Dylan Mulvaney campaign, according to the New York Post.


Hiring freezes and layoffs have been going on for four months, while some beer truck drivers have been slammed with hecklers and other harassment while Bud Light’s sales have tanked over 25%. As a result, wholesalers of Anheuser-Busch have resigned to the large number of customers they’ve lost permanently, and in response, they need to focus on a new set of beer drinkers.


“Consumers have made a choice,” an unidentified executive from a Texas-based beer distributor told the New York Post. “They have left [Bud Light] and that’s how it’s going to be. I don’t envision a big percentage of them coming back.”


Other Anheuser-Busch branded beers such as Budweiser, Busch Light and Michelob Ultra have also been tanking in sales since Bud Light decided to disastrously partner with Mulvaney.


The executive went on to say that customers have most likely found out that Bud Light competitors including Miller Lite and Coors Light “are a very similar product.” Reigning victorious in the beer war all comes down to “whoever is best at marketing,” the executive told The Post.




Meta Starts Blocking Canadian News Content


Meta has announced it has started blocking news content for Canadian users on its platforms, following months of threats to strike back against the Online News Act, which mandates that major tech companies pay Canadian media outlets for news content linked on their platforms.


Starting Aug. 1, Meta begins the process of ending news availability in Canada, the company said in a statement. Over the next few weeks, all users accessing Facebook and Instagram in Canada will no longer be able to view news links and content posted by Canadian news publishers and broadcasters.


Meta said the news outlets to be affected will be identified based on legislative definitions and guidance from the Online News Act, also known as Bill C-18. The bill received royal assent on June 22.


Tech giant Google also said it would retaliate against the the new law. The company announced on June 29 it would remove links to Canadian news from its Search, News, and Discover products, while users in Canada will no longer be able to operate the Google News Showcase.


After being appointed the new heritage minister, Pascale St-Onge said her door is “always open” to negotiate with the tech companies, but that her government would not back down. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called the issue a “dispute over democracy.”


On July 10, Heritage Canada said it would propose regulations to implement the act, which would include establishing a financial threshold for the contributions of tech companies.


The Epoch Times reached out to Heritage Canada for comment but didn’t immediately hear back.


Meta says the new legislation is based on an “incorrect premise,” that the company gains unfair benefits from news content shared on its platforms. The company also emphasized that the primary usage of its platforms doesn’t revolve around news consumption, arguing instead that news outlets voluntarily share content on Facebook and Instagram to expand their audiences and bolster their financial standing.


“The Online News Act is fundamentally flawed legislation that ignores the realities of how our platforms work, the preferences of the people who use them, and the value we provide news publishers,” Meta said. “As the Minister of Canadian Heritage has said, how we choose to comply with the legislation is a business decision we must make, and we have made our choice.”


The company assured users that despite the changes regarding news content availability in Canada, their products and services would remain unaffected. Users will continue to have the ability to connect with friends and family, grow their businesses, and support their local communities as before, Meta says.


Speaking of Canada…




Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, wife of 18 years announce separation


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday announced that he and his wife Sophie are separating after 18 years of marriage. 


Trudeau made the announcement in an Instagram post. 


“Sophie and I would like to share the fact that after many meaningful and difficult conversations, we have made the decision to separate,” Trudeau wrote.


Sophie Grégoire, a former television reporter in Quebec, married Trudeau in 2005. They have three children together.


In an interview with Maclean’s magazine in 2005, Trudeau shared that he and Grégoire-Trudeau met as adults two years prior, when they co-hosted the Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix ball. Before, Grégoire had been a childhood friend of Trudeau’s youngest brother, Michel — who died in an avalanche in 1998 at the age of 23 — and had spent time at the Trudeau family’s home.


The couple became engaged in October 2004 and married on May 28, 2005, at a ceremony at Montreal’s Sainte-Madeleine Church. 


Trudeau has spoken glowingly of his wife in public in the years since. In April, the prime minister posted a pair of selfies with his wife on social media on her birthday. 


“From this, to this, and everything in between, there’s no one I’d rather have by my side,” he wrote.


He also praised her on Mother’s Day in May, calling Sophie and his mother “two of the strongest, bravest, and greatest people we know.”


The prime minister’s office said in a statement that Trudeau, 51, and Sophie, 48, have signed a legal agreement making their separation official.



Russia Accuses Ukraine of Moscow Drone Attack


Russian authorities accused Kyiv early Tuesday of yet another attack on Moscow and its surroundings with drones, one of which hit the same building in the capital that was damaged by a drone just days ago in a similar attack.


Russian officials have claimed that the intensified attacks on the capital region reflect failures in Ukraine’s counteroffensive, while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said over the weekend that “the war is gradually coming back to Russian territory,” but stopped short of taking responsibility for the attacks.


The repeated drone strikes underscore Moscow’s vulnerability as Russia’s war in Ukraine drags into its 18th month.


The Russian military also said that Ukrainian forces tried to attack two of its warships in the Black Sea overnight, using maritime drones. Three drones targeted two patrol vessels, Sergei Kotov and Vasily Bykov, 340 kilometers (210 miles) southwest of the Russian-controlled city of Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula, the Defense Ministry reported. All three drones were destroyed, the report said.






On Sunday, the L.A. Dodgers hosted their first “Christian Faith and Family Day” at Chavez Ravine since 2019 and nearly two months since LA honored “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” an LGBT group whose past digs at religion drew criticism.


Following a loss to the Cincinnati Reds, hundreds of Dodgers fans remained seated to partake in the team’s “Christian Family and Faith” event.


Sunday’s postgame festivities included testimonies — emphasizing the importance of faith in God — from Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw, third baseman Max Muncy, utility player Chris Taylor and movie star Chris Pratt.


Pratt was in charge of throwing Sunday’s ceremonial first pitch.

Dodgers skipper Dave Roberts also made an appearance. Roberts, like much of the Dodgers personnel in attendance for the event, identifies as Christian.


“My relationship w/ Christ is the most important thing in my life,” Roberts previously shared, when discussing the impact of faith on his life.


Kershaw drew the most attention from the media once the event was announced.


The Dodgers pitcher objected to the celebration of the “Sisters” when the Pride Night event was first publicized in May.


Clayton Kershaw’s critics saw the revival of “Christian Faith and Family Night” — originally canceled due to COVID in 2020 — as a countermeasure to the Pride Night event featuring the “Sisters.” The ace called it coincidental timing.


OutKick’s Ian Miller attended the event on June 16 and noted that the Dodgers seemingly buried noise around it as 2,000 or so Dodgers fans showed up to protest.


While June’s event was met with backlash due to the “Sister’s” mockery of the Christian and Catholic faith, Sunday’s event was met with delight.


The LA team has long been worshipped by the Latino community of Southern California, so naturally the fanbase has a strong Catholic representation.


As detailed by Los Angeles Times’ Helene Elliott, fans in attendance for the event adamantly cheered Dave Roberts for his appearance at the faith-based event.


Elliott called it a “very forgiving crowd,” considering the team had just lost, 9-0, to Elly De La Cruz and the Cincinnati Reds.


To a degree, the Dodgers fans’ adoration after a deflating loss was emblematic of the idea of “grace”.