Daily News Brief
Daily News Brief
Daily News Brief for Thursday, July 22, 2021

Have you registered for the Flight Laugh Feast Conference in TN just outside of Nashville. 

We don’t under stand just how inherently political sex is…but the liberals do. While we refuse to embrace biblical law and what God has said in his word the Liberals are implanting all sorts of humanistic levitical LAW. Just being made a man or made a woman has implications in everything we do in the world. A culture is either built on the Faithfulness of a godly union between one man and one woman, or else it dies from faithless self-inflicted fruitlessness and sexual rebellion against God. Our obedience to God in our sex is building and cultivating a particular kind of public square and culture. 

Join us in Lebanon, TN with Pastor Douglas Wilson “Gay Pulpits”, Voddie Baucham “Critical Sex Theory”, Doug TenNapel “Sex, Lies, and the Prophetic Peot”, David Bahnsen “Punk Rock Home Economics”, and then on Saturday will have 9 SWAT talks with over 20 speakers arming you to go out into the world to take dominion with your gifts and abilities. Sheologians: Diapers, Dishes,  and Dominion and All People Matter with Dennis Sarfate, Zach Lautenschlager, and Rob Sentz. Registration is live now: flfnetwork.com/politics-of-sex/ Club members get $100 off registration. Seating is limited! 

Nancy Pelosi Kicks Ranking Republicans Jim Jordan, Jim Banks Off Partisan Jan. 6 Commission In an unprecedented display of partisanship, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi rejected Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana from sitting on her 13-member January 6 commission.


Clip of democrats agreeing about voting…


US women’s soccer team, other squads kneel in protest before Olympics matches

US, Sweden, Britain and Chile had players take a knee to protest racism, discrimination and inequality


Pennsylvania decertifies county voting system following private company audit promoted by pro-Trump state senators


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