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Daily News Brief
Daily News Brief For Thursday, July 29th 2021

Daily news brief for Thursday July 29th 2021

Ad:  “In the beautiful town of Moscow, ID, Erber Automotive is looking for Christians to join forces and wage war together on broken cars. Since Adam’s fall, cars have been suffering at the hand of the second law of thermodynamics, starting with that very first Eden Model 1 that Adam puttered out of the garden. Paul said that all creation groans, and he’d never even heard a poor car owner on the side of the road with a steaming engine! At Erber Auto, you’ll work to make auto repair fun for customers with bouncy castles, motorcycle cruises, and honest service. Most importantly, you’ll work alongside Christians to show entropy the Uno reverse card! Erber Auto is looking for service advisors, shop managers, and repair technicians, who are ready to do battle with the forces of evil, or at least metal fatigue. They have 4 positions to fill at competitive salaries. Please send your resume to business@erberauto.com

Romney: Getting COVID-19 vaccine is ‘pro-life’


on has received at least one vaccine dose, while 49 percent has been fully vaccinated.

Pfizer data suggest a third dose of the PfizerCovid-19 vaccine can “strongly” boost protection against the Delta variant — beyond the protection afforded by the standard two doses, suggests new data released by Pfizer on Wednesday.

www.cnn.com /2021/07/28/health/pfizer-third-dose-data-bn/index.html

McDonald’s says jobs coming back fastest in states that ended extra unemployment benefits

www.foxbusiness.com /markets/mcdonalds-jobs-states-ended-extra-unemployment-benefits

CEO Christopher Kempczinski says it’s ‘still a challenging staffing environment’

www.foxnews.com /politics/nyc-money-incentive-covid-19-vaccine

IF you need a quick Franklin look no further than NYC…

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