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Daily News Brief
Daily News Brief for Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Bye bye Cuomo, Who is going to replace him?, and infrastructure bill is what it is. But first:

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Governor Cuomo got picked up by a car:

Play clip: https://www.politico.com/states/new-york/albany/story/2021/08/10/andrew-cuomo-resigns-1389566

According to The Political Insider:


Criminal Charges

“It may not be so easy for Cuomo as resigning. After the AG report came out, one of Cuomo’s accusers filed a criminal complaint – which prompted the Albany Sheriff to suggest that an arrest could be possible if the allegations pan out:

Sheriff Craig Apple, a Democrat, confirmed receipt of the complaint with the Post and said sheriff’s officials have since contacted the Albany County District Attorney’s office.

Apple raised the possibility of arrest and prosecution but said they would be contingent on the claims being substantiated and the discretion of the DA…

“I mean it was — he was like cupping my breast. He cupped my breast,” the woman told investigators.

Cuomo also, according to the victim’s statements in the report, “moved his hand to grab her butt cheek and began to rub it” for at least five seconds.

Cuomo has also been accused of causing the deaths of thousands of senior citizens through his COVID nursing homes policies, but the Biden Justice Department had declined to conduct a civil rights investigation into the matter.”

But Biden did say: 

According to Fox: 


“I think the impact is all on Andrew Cuomo and his decision to make that judgment,” Biden said. “And I respect his decision.”

“He’s done a hell of a job,”… That’s why it’s so sad.”

No word if the Attorney General is going to do an actual investigation into President Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade.

But who is going to replace Cuomo?

Kathy Hochul to become New York’s first female governor


Andrew Cuomo’s resignation as governor of New York after a series of sexual misconduct accusations has turned a spotlight on his lieutenant governor, Kathy Hochul, who will become the first woman to lead the state in its 233-year history.

Hochul, a former Democratic congresswoman who has served as lieutenant governor since 2015, will take over from Cuomo until his third four-year term in office ends in December 2022.

Here are some facts about the 62-year-old Hochul:

— Cuomo asked Hochul, a rising star in the Democratic Party, to join the gubernatorial ticket in 2014 after the then-lieutenant governor, Robert Duffy, announced he would not seek another term. Cuomo and Hochul won in 2014 and then again in 2018.

— She graduated from Syracuse University in 1980 and earned her law degree from Catholic University in Washington in 1984.

— Hochul has described herself as an “independent Democrat.” In 2012 she was one of 17 Democrats who joined with Republicans in finding U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for withholding some documents related to a failed gun-running investigation known as Operation Fast and Furious.

According to Market Watch they had two notable comments worth mentioning here:


“But the New York Times reports that she has been “cut off” from Cuomo’s inner circle, and that she has not spoken with the outgoing governor since February. What’s more, Hochul was not one of the aides regularly seen standing next to Cuomo during his daily coronavirus news briefings last year, and she was also left out of Cuomo’s recent book, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19.” 


“She also supported the fight for a $15 minimum wage and paid family leave in New York, as well as for banning salary history in job interviews. Yet she also previously opposed driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, although she has since changed her position to support them.”

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Senate approves bipartisan $1T infrastructure plan in win for Biden (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act)


The Senate on Tuesday passed a major $1 trillion infrastructure spending bill in a significant show of bipartisan force that marked a big step forward for President Biden’s domestic agenda. 

The vote was 69-30, with 19 Republicans – including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – joining all Democrats to approve major investments to the nation’s roads, bridges, railways and more. To mark the achievement, Vice President Kamala Harris came to the Capitol to preside over the Senate and announced the successful vote. 

“Big news, folks,” Biden tweeted immediately after the victory. “The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal has officially passed the Senate. I hope Congress will send it to my desk as soon as possible so we can continue our work of building back better.”

My Senator, Jim Risch, had this to say about it on his facebook page:

“Today, the Senate passed the infrastructure bill for America’s roads and bridges. Senators had two choices: this $550 billion package with no tax increases, or allow Democrats to pass the Biden proposal of $2.5 trillion, raise taxes, and pile it on top of their impending $3.5 trillion social spending spree. On behalf of Idaho, I chose to support the lower $550 billion (bill authorizes $550 billion in new spending) investment in hard infrastructure like roads, bridges, and broadband. I believe it to be the substantially more reasonable and conservative solution to the necessary infrastructure spending. I intend to vigorously oppose Democrats’ reckless $3.5 trillion social spending bill, which is coming next.”

Well according to Vox, here is their summary of what is in the bill:


Now Forbes also says that:


“That bill is expected to propose lowering the Medicare age to 60 and expanding it to include dental, hearing and vision, as well as a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants and tuition-free community college for two years.”

COVID/Vaxx update:

We called this on CrossPolitic last year. We said to just watch these tyrants use their “emergency powers” to require the vaccine. This is from Incompetent Jay Inslee (Gov. of WA):

“I am writing today to let you know that I am requiring, by issuance of a proclamation, that all employees who work in state service for executive cabinet agencies must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by October 18, 2021, along with on-site contractors and volunteers. I have also mandated vaccination in some private health and long-term care services. I am taking this action pursuant to my emergency powers as Governor of the State of Washington found at RCW 43.06.220.”


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