Daily News Brief
Daily News Brief
Daily News Brief for Wednesday, August 18, 2021

COVID is targeting evangelicals?, Russel Moore and Pastor Walter Kim are turning vaccines into a virtue, and the Afghan debacle is just getting worse. 

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This is why you support CrossPolitic, because of crap like this:

Listen to Reverend Walter Kim, President of the National Association of Evangelicals, and serves as Pastor for Leadership for the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, Virginia, as he shares his belief that the COVID-19 vaccines are gifts from God, and that the Christian perspective of “loving thy neighbor” is an important reason to get vaccinated.    

Roll Clip: https://youtu.be/OKXi7lEwajA

In many COVID hot spots, a pattern: High concentrations of white evangelicals

As COVID-19 cases surge again, two things are true about many counties considered hot spots: Vaccination rates are low and white evangelical Protestant populations are high, according to a new data analysis.

Concern about vaccine hesitancy or outright anti-vaccine sentiment among white evangelicals has persisted since at least March, when, according to a poll from Pew Research Center, those who said they were Christian and born-again were far more likely than any other religious group to say they definitely or probably would not get a vaccine.

A full 45% of white evangelicals fit this description. The next-closest religious classification (Americans who list their religious affiliation as “nothing in particular”) was a full 9 points lower at 36%, which was also the national average.

Russell Moore, a former Southern Baptist Convention official, told Religion News Service: “Evangelical Christians should be leading the way in thanking God for the cure we spent a year praying for. The least we can do is get our shots so that we can carry on our mission in our communities, without fear of getting anyone sick. Our gospel witness should be contagious; we shouldn’t be.”

Moore (also) told RNS he has spoken with evangelical doctors “discouraged to the point of exhaustion by the low rates of vaccination among sectors of our fellow Christians,” despite pleading for people to get vaccinated.

Victory for Freedom: Unexpected State Declares Churches Will Never Close Again

The “Live Free or Die” state struck a blow for religious liberty Tuesday as Republican Gov. Chris Sununu signed a bill designating churches as essential services.

The Associated Press reported that HB 542 “allows such religious organizations to operate to the same degree as essential businesses during a state of emergency.”

The legislation specifies, “Nothing in this section shall prohibit the state government from requiring religious organizations to comply with neutral health, safety, or occupancy requirements issued by the state or federal government that are applicable to all organizations and businesses that provide essential services.”

Why did New Hamshire have to do this? Doesn’t the Constitution of the United States already do this? And where do the categorical definitions of essential and non-essential come from? 

Dallas ISD will continue enforcing mask mandate despite Supreme Court’s move against Jenkins’ order


Dallas ISD will continue to require masks for all students and staff members, despite a decision Sunday by the Texas Supreme Court that temporarily halted Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins’ public health order requiring masks in public schools and businesses.

“Until there’s an official order of the court that applies to the Dallas Independent School District, we will continue to have the mask mandate,” Superintendent Michael Hinojosa said late Sunday.

But he said he knows the fight isn’t over: “After a court rules, then I will comply, if it’s not in my favor.”

Rena Honea, the president of teacher union Alliance-AFT Dallas, said her organization would support Hinojosa if he decided to defy Abbott’s executive order once again.

“Certainly we’re disappointed in the ruling, but not surprised,” Honea said. “Obviously, this decision is being made with the health and safety of students and employees in Dallas ISD not considered. We’ll support him if he will stay strong and do what’s right for these families.”

Broward County School Board voted to make masks mandatory in classrooms, in defiance of the governor.


How are these districts defying governors orders and state Supreme Court orders, and we can’t get the church to even meet when there are no orders?

New Zealand announces it’s locking down the entire country … over one Covid case


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The “mastermind of the regime change” in Afghanistan is a Taliban commander that Obama traded in 2014 for a U.S. deserter, despite the Pentagon warning he was “too dangerous to release”


Back in 2014, the Obama administration traded five key Taliban members who were being held in Guantanamo for a U.S. soldier named Bowe Bergdahl who had deserted his post and gotten captured by the Taliban in 2009.

At the time, people railed against Obama for the stupidity of the decision, saying it was supremely dumb to trade five top enemy soldiers for one AWOL sergeant who had abandoned his duties and his oath.

Congressional investigators from the Governmental Accountability Office also determined that the trade was a violation of the law.

No matter, though! Obama said the “Taliban 5” would be kept in Qatar, which definitely isn’t known as a middleman for various Islamist groups and sympathizers.

The “Taliban 5” were quickly back in Afghanistan, where all of them – led by former detainee Khairullah Khairkhwa – just orchestrated the entire takeover of the nation.

Our friend, Matt Walsh, tweeted a video out of our State Deparment saying dumb things: 


Roll Clip: https://twitter.com/MattWalshBlog/status/1427389269170180109

Well Matt Zeller, former Afghan vet and co-founder of No One Left Behind, had this to say about Biden’s “press conference” that Knox played on his News Brief yesterday: 

Make sure you catch the mid-week fix today, as we have guest coming on to talk the Afghan debacle. 


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