Daily News Brief
Daily News Brief
Daily News for Wednesday, April 21th, 2021

This is CrossPolitic Daily News for Wednesday, April 21th, 2021. 

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8 Days to the Rally in Rapid City, South Dakota: April 29, 30, May 1? Excited to see and meet many of you as we learn to Love God, Sing Psalms, Defy Tyrants. Kick off the conference with beer and Psalms, and end the conference with a sabbath dinner and comedian John Branyan! FLFNetwork.com/Rally

If you can’t make it, join the club and we will live stream all the talks to our club members! 

Folks, I got something very exciting to bring to your attention. In the coming couple of months, we are going to be rolling out Fight Laugh Feast Canada. Over the years, and more recently with the COVID silliness, we have built friendships with a number of like-minded pastors and churches in Canada. So, it made sense to lock arms and build-out Fight Laugh Feast Canada, and we can’t wait to expand the Fight Laugh Feast mission beyond how God has blessed it here in the states. So, be on the lookout, as we will be announcing shows and websites in the coming months. 

As Pastor Toby reported on yesterday, Representative Maxine Waters flew into Minneapolis this past week and was interviewed by the media on the ground. And in her interview, she basically incited violence telling the people that if the Chauvin trail does not go their way, they need to get more “confrontational” in the streets. Well on Tuesday, the republicans put forth a resolution to censure Rep Waters, and what do you know, the democrats voted it down. 

Chauvin Guilty Verdict

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The officer of the year award (This apparently happened sometime last summer):

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Facebook plans to go after Clubhouse — and podcasts — with a suite of new audio products


Facebook wants you to start talking, and listening, on Facebook.

Sources say the social network is planning to announce a series of products — some of which won’t appear for some time — under the umbrella of “social audio” on Monday. They include Facebook’s take on Clubhouse, the audio-only social network that grew rapidly last year, as well as a push into podcast discovery and distribution, aided by Spotify.

Facebook’s audio plans include:

Church elders under fire for threatening to expel mom who left husband, started dating woman


The elders at Woodstock Church of Christ in Georgia are in the hot seat for following the bible. What you say? Well they sent a letter to one of their congregants, Krystal Cox, who divorced her husband and then gets into a relationship with a women (aka homosexual relationship, aka an abomintion. Well this past Sunday, Krystal posted a letter from the elders (dated April 1st) on the internet stating their intention to basically excommunicate her because “no one can be involved in homosexuality and be in a pleasing relationship with God”. 

Since she did not respond to that letter, the elders sent a followup letter that read:

“If we fail to hear from you by April 30, 2021, we would understand you are not repentant and do not desire to be forgiven of your sinful behavior. That being the case, an announcement to that effect will be made to the Woodstock Church of Christ on the following Sunday. We will announce that we have withdrawn fellowship from you following efforts to establish a dialogue to persuade you to repent. Your name will be removed from our membership role [sic] until you decide to make your life right with the Lord.”

Cox, a longtime hairstylist who owns the Hair Bar Salon in Woodstock, told CBS 46 that she was “enraged” after reading the letter from the elders.

“Well, when I opened it, I was kind of enraged. Like, why am I getting picked on and getting called out when everyone has sin?” she asked. 

“The fact that they’re going to point it out and release my personal business to the entire congregation of the church and tell them that I can no longer come there, I just don’t feel like that’s right,” Cox added.

“I feel like it’s not wrong. I look at my relationship and how much love I have with her and think, how can people think this is so wrong?” 

Cox, who previously celebrated her relationship with her now ex-husband online, now celebrates her relationship with her girlfriend.

She insists that she does not want her former congregation to be attacked for their beliefs.

“I just really don’t want anything bad to come out of this,” she said. “Like I want it to be good. I don’t want people to be saying ugly things to them and sending them ugly stuff. I just don’t want that. That was not my intent.”

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