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CrossPolitic Show
Dan Fisher for Governor and Humanism in Christian Music

Hopeful future governor of Oklahoma, Dan Fisher, makes a campaign stop to join us on the show. Dan is running on the ASAP platform: Abolish abortion, State sovereignty, Audit everything, and Proper government. We recommend you check him out and support him, even if you don’t live in Oklahoma. One state showing courage will go a long way, as we pray and labor for the Lordship of Christ over every state in this nation.

In CrossPolitic news we discuss the sad state of affairs, as our local hospital, here in Moscow, is becoming the northwest hub for transgendered surgeries. As part of this discussion, we work through how a nurse should respond, if working for a hospital that mutiliates its patients. We also discuss LeCrae’s new album and the humanism in Christian music. The church needs to recover a love for singing the Psalms, as part of our response to this humanism.

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  1. Hey guys, love what you guys are doing! If you want to listen to some biblical hip-hop, check out Beautiful Eulogy. They just put out a new album “Worthy” and it’s amazing! It’s freely given on humble beast, and you should really should go check it out, it’s worth every minute!

  2. Simply being 40 weeks is a ridiculous (and not even medical) reason to keep a laboring mother from the tub. Sounds like you were at a very trigger happy hospital when it comes to interventions. As a doula, I’ve seen this a number of times (sadly.) Good for you, Chocolate Knox, on equipping yourself to deliver your own babies. I’m one of five kids, and my dad finally decided to deliver three of us because of something very similar that happened to you guys.

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