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Dr. Sean Lucas and the Lost Legacy of Black Presbyterians

Dr. Sean Lucas and the Lost Legacy of Black Presbyterians

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Show Notes:

This week we’re joined by pastor Dr. Sean Lucas to discuss the lost legacy of black presbyterian pastors. Dr. Lucas has taught at RTS since 2011 and was elected Chancellor’s Professor of Church History in 2017 while continuing as senior minister of Independent Presbyterian Church (PCA), Memphis, Tennessee. He graduated from Bob Jones University with a BA degree (Pastoral Studies) in 1993 and a MA (Theology/Church History) in 1994; he received the PhD from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia (Historical and Theological Studies: American Reformed Tradition) in 2002.

Sean has also written many books, including On Being Presbyterian: Our Beliefs, Practices, and Stories (2006); God’s Grand Design: The Theological Vision of Jonathan Edwards (2011); J. Gresham Machen (2015); and For a Continuing Church: The Roots of the Presbyterian Church in America (2015). He and his wife Sara have four children: Samuel, Elizabeth, Andrew, and Benjamin. In his spare time, he loves to run and follows the St. Louis Cardinals.

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