How to Build a Tent
How to Build a Tent
HtBT: Ep 146 - The time is now... or is it?

Business Podcast: We talk more about buying a home and if it’s the right time to become a first time homebuyer. We discuss if you should get a 15 or 30 year mortgage, how much principal you actually pay down each payment in a mortgage, and where interest rates currently are. We also review some tools I use when looking to buy a house and negotiate the price. Learn the story of the house you want to buy.

Past show on home buying: HtBT: Ep 129 РMore than location, location, location

Rates discussed

Redfin Data Charts

Affordability Tool

House we looked at the story under price /history.,-118.541408,34.057886,-118.656764_rect/13_zm/

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