CrossPolitic Show
CrossPolitic Show
Hunger Games 2020: Biden-Harris Ticket | Darren Doane & David Bahnsen LIVE in Studio!

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  1. Thank you for a good show.
    How can the Lord break this entitled immunity that the liberals have?
    Is this a thorn in the flesh? Do we resign to despair?
    Just be faithful and let the chips fall where they may?
    Should Christians go underground? Or is that not biblical.
    I’m floundering out here…and feel trapped by the liberals.
    I use to walk all along the culdesac where I use to live in Milford NH with my children and ex husband ..and was systematically stalked….and now I’m poor and floundering….
    Please pray for me…im not sure what to do.

    Lord direct me and keep in his word…
    I don’t study as much as I’d like…and am guilt ridden with failing….falling apart…and having a nervous breakdown…which caused me to be in this situation….destitute and poor…

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