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CrossPolitic Show
Midweek Fix: Ben Sasse Civics Lesson, Colin Kaepernick Goes to Nike Town, and Trump's Top 100 Billboard Tweets

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Show Notes:

In this Midweek Fix we discussed Ben Sasse’s civics lesson at the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, Colin Kaepernick is the new face for Nike’s Just Do It campaign, Trump’s tweets might make it to billboards in Texas, and the Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel just released this week (we will have more on this in our weekend show).

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Upcoming events to note:

1) Gabriel will be traveling this fall to Tennessee, Seattle, Texas, Hawaii, and DC to meet with high schools, participate in various speaking engagements, and participate meetings.

2) Pastor Toby will mostly likely be speaking at a church conference  Minneapolis in November. Standby for details.

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