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Announcement and Rerun of Money, Greed, and God

Folks we have been busy this August and finally can fill you in on the details. We have booked a live show with the candidates running for Governor in Idaho. Below is the press release to fill you in on the details. Please be praying for this event and thanks for your support.

Lt. Governor Brad Little and Dr. Tommy Ahlquist will join the hosts of CrossPolitic live at the historic Nuart Theater in Moscow, Idaho September 1st at 7:30pm. The show will fuse entertainment, honest dialogue, and tough issues into a discussion roundtable between the hosts and the candidates.

The current Republican race for Idaho governor includes Lt. Governor Brad Little, Dr. Tommy Ahlquist, and Congressman Raul Labrador. The Republican primaries will be held in May of 2018.

Distinguished politicians, education leaders, and business leaders will also be attending the event.

Congressman Raul Labrador had a schedule conflict and won’t be able to participate in the show.

The historic Nuart Theater is the largest theater in Moscow, Idaho, seating over 475 guests. The show will be free and open to the public.


Episode Rerun:
Why is capitalism the solution and not the problem? In this episode we interview author Jay Richards and discuss his book Money, Greed, and God (Amazon Link). God gave the world to His people, and this includes the field of economics. Economics is not neutral, economics is inherently a moral system. This is why Christians should be leading our culture in this field. In CrossPolitic news, we also discuss the transgender movement and why it is the same as the transabled movement.

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UPDATE:  The Gray Havens are performing at Wordsmithy and teaching a workshop!

Wordsmithy, a workshop for the arts, is held annually here in Moscow, Idaho at New Saint Andrews College.  This year it will be held September 20th through the 22nd with special guest and acclaimed graphic novelist Doug Tennapel, and The Gray Havens.  Pastor Doug Wilson, author Nate Wilson, and literary agent and poet Aaron Rench will also be speaking at the teachers workshop. We hope to see you there.

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