Pastor Toby’s Blog: THE GAY GREENHOUSE

by | Dec 19, 2019 | 0 comments

Pastor Toby's Blog
Pastor Toby's Blog
Pastor Toby's Blog: THE GAY GREENHOUSE

It’s no secret that I’m a critic of the whole gay-but-celibate Christian movement. But I’m simultaneously a critic of much of modern conservative evangelicalism. And the two are not at all unrelated. The same cultural current that keeps Beth Moore undisciplined in the SBC is the same that keeps Greg Johnson undisciplined in the PCA. In the PCA we have men who identify as gay but claim they are not actually sodomites. In the SBC we have women who identify as preachers but claim they are not actually pastors. It’s a very similar identity problem. In fact, the conservative church created this space where the gay-celibate Christians and technically-non-ordained women preachers have set up shop, and we are subsidizing the whole mess by our anemic view of masculinity. The foundational issue is our straightforward disobedience to God’s Word, but the proximate cause is our collective insistence that men be soft. Let me explain….