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CrossPolitic Show
Planned Parenthood Stumps for Trump, Schools Shutdown While Homeschooling Explodes, And Robert Bortins of Classical Conversations Joins Us

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Fight, Laugh, and Feast with us this October 1st through 3rd in Nashville, TN. The theme of this years conference is Weapons for this War, and as you can see, this is not your ordinary Christian conference. The conference will be kicking off with fellowshipping and Psalm singing Thrusday night, and we will be hearing from speakers such as Rod Martin, Pastor Doug Wilson, Pastor George Grant, Pastor Toby Sumpter. Dr. Glenn Sunshine, and others. We look forward to seeing you in Nashville October 1st through 3rd. All club members get $100 off of registration, so if you are a club member or become a club member, email us at [email protected] to get your discount code.

We have new club content in our member portal! Biblical Counseling with Mike Lawyer, The Joy of Parenting with Pastor Doug and Nancy Wilson, God and Government and No Limits Eschatology both with Gary DeMar. We also added more East Coast Tour content including interviews with David French and Dr. Walt Williams. Support rowdy Christian media by joining our club, we can’t thank you enough!   

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  1. Network Mission
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Grace Agenda

School of Practical Christianity

August 14th and 15th | MOSCOW, IDAHO

The Christian life is life. All the alternative ways of “living,” are really only different ways of dying. Faith in Christ, and the new birth which brought about that faith, enables a person to actually live. So, now that you’re alive, now what? How are you to live? How are you to love your neighbor? How are you to love the God who gave you that life? Welcome to the School of Practical Christianity.

Fight Laugh Feast Conference

October 1st through 3rd | Nashville, TN

Registration is Live!


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