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Popes and Feminist

This episode is a must-listen. Elise Crapuchettes, homemaker, author, and Duke law grad, joins us to discuss her new book, Popes and Feminists. Before the Reformation, the Roman Catholic Church did not consider the calling of a wife and mother to be holy. The only spiritual calling for women was to be found in a convent. The Reformers confronted the bad theology that fed this idea (and other worse abuses, like priest-patronized brothels), and returned to the Bible to develop a theology of vocation that began to free women to be holy no matter their occupation. But today, modern feminist claims about vocation have more in common with the pre-Reformation popes than anything else. The only difference is that feminists have replaced the convent with the hallowed corporate workplace.
In CrossPolitic news, we highlight a Texas cafe’s transgender bathroom policies, how the Australian women’s rugby governing body is handling a “bloke in a dress,” and Donna Brazile’s new book.  

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