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Rerun: Campus Pride Shame List for Christian Universities

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For this rerun Shane Windmeyer, Executive Director of Campus Pride, joins CrossPolitic to discuss why Campus Pride publishes a shame list that includes the top 100 universities that are traditional in their values, and are against adopting modern sexual definitions of what is acceptable.  Marcus Pittman, Producer at Apologia Radio, also joins us as a cohost to discuss Wikileaks and why the LGBT movement is better at evangelizing culture than the church.

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UPDATE:  The Gray Havens are performing at Wordsmithy and teaching a workshop!
Wordsmithy, a workshop for the arts, is held annually here in Moscow, Idaho at New Saint Andrews College.  This year it will be held September 20th through the 22nd with special guest and acclaimed graphic novelist Doug Tennapel, and The Gray Havens.  Pastor Doug Wilson, author Nate Wilson, and literary agent and poet Aaron Rench will also be speaking at the teachers workshop.  They have extended early registration through August 1st, so register now here!  We hope to see you there.

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