CrossPolitic Show
CrossPolitic Show
Revoice Conference, Recent Supreme Court Rulings, and Rachel Jankovic on a Motherhood Call to Arms

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Show Notes:

Rachel Jankovic, mother and author, joined us on CrossPolitic to discuss motherhood call to arms. She has a webinar on this topic coming out this September. Sign up here for more details.

In CrossPolitic news, we discuss the recent Supreme Court rulings regarding Trump’s travel ban, California’s state law requiring crisis pregnancy centers to advertise abortion locations, the fact that unions now cannot require non-union members to pay dues, and the upcoming Revoice Conference.

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Upcoming events to note:

1) CALLED Conference July 16th through 20th– a conference that will challenge Christian high school students to become the next generation of cultural leaders, because they are CALLED…
→ to put on the whole armor of God
→ to engage culture
→ to advance the Kingdom

2) Post-College Life Conference August 24th and 25th in Moscow, Idaho. Pastor Toby will be speaking, and we will be doing a live CrossPolitic Show with hip-hop artist Timothy Brindle on August 25th.

*We are also scheduling, as our time allows, one CrossPolitic Live show per quarter. If you want to host a live CP show at your conference or special event, please email us at [email protected].

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