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The Gray Havens and Christians in the Music Business

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For this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Radford from the band The Gray Havens. The band centers around husband and wife Dave and Licia Radford. Since their debut in 2013, their projects have been hailed as “an imaginative treatment of faith…[having] a visionary quality that’s both playful and enraptured.” Releasing their debut EP on Noisetrade in 2013, and their first full-length album, Fire and Stone, in 2015, the duo has gained a steady following of listeners nationwide. This coming week, for a limited time, you will be able to get all their music for free on NoiseTrade. Download here!

In the last segment we discuss Pastor Toby Sumpter’s book, Blood Bought World. If the Church is to rise up full of people who don’t give a damn about the fleeting pleasures of this life and who care only for the glory of Jesus and His Kingdom, we must once again grasp what made Jesus so eminently killable. If Jesus had been born in our day, the council that condemned Him would have included a couple of well-known evangelical pastors, a few outspoken pro-life leaders, a conservative-libertarian-leaning politician, and at least one Bible-thumping fundamentalist. Jesus was murdered by church people, for churchy reasons. This is a must-read!

In CrossPolitic news, we discuss Matt Lauer’s fall from grace, and what God is doing in our morally bankrupt culture.

Upcoming events to note:

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