The Theology Pugcast: Morgoth’s Ring!

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The Theology Pugcast
The Theology Pugcast
The Theology Pugcast: Morgoth's Ring!

Little by little, the notes and reflections of J. R. R. Tolkien have been published posthumously by his son, Christopher. Among the many volumes is the Tenth Volume in The History of Middle-Earth, entitled Morgoth’s Ring. The book contains many of Tolkien’s reflections on the nature of evil, mortality, and the eschatology of Middle-Earth. Among the gems is the publication of the conversation between Finrod (an Elf-Lord, the Eldar) and Andreth (a wise-woman from among the Edain–aka men). The Pugsters enjoy a free-range conversation that not only touches on the nature of evil in Middle-Earth, but also reaches our own–primary–world.