The Theology Pugcast
The Theology Pugcast
The Theology Pugcast: Transhumanism: Frankenstein Returns

In today’s episode Glenn introduces listeners to “transhumanism”–a philosophy and engineering project concerned with transcending the given limits of human nature. Transhumanists view the body solely as a machine, and the mind is somehow both dependent upon it, yet utterly distinct. (This should remind listeners a little of Descartes.) But what transhumanism actually is–for all its mechanistic notions–is just one more manifestation of the ancient hydra that has plagued western culture from the start: Gnosticism.

The Pugcast audience continues to grow–Glenn, Tom, and Chris are both pleased and a little surprised. They’re grateful. Also, the show has a growing number of financial supporters on the FLF Network. Thanks are in order for those folks, too. If you would like to join this merry band and financially support The Theology Pugcast you can do so through the Fight, Laugh, Feast Network.

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