The Theology Pugcast
The Theology Pugcast
The Theology Pugcast: True Enchantment and the Consequences of Disenchantment

In today’s show Glenn begins with a marvelous series of word studies ranging all the way from “enchantment” to “cosmology”. His point is that our language is full of words that reflect a time when the world was full of meaning and words were spells that drew on those meanings. Undoubtedly, the very fact that we’ve lost the original meanings of words like “spell” and “magic” just reinforces the point that we now live in a disenchanted world.

Or do we? Tom points out in the conversation that what we actually have now is black magic. Our words now bend and twist things as we seek to dominate our world and other people. We’ve lost the “good magic” of Aslan and all we’re left with is the “black magic” of the White Witch.

In today’s episode Elizabeth Sunshine joins us again. We also inform listeners about exciting developments related to the Pugcast and it’s future with the Fight, Laugh, Feast Network!

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