The Theology Pugcast
The Theology Pugcast
The Theology Pugcast: What Conservatives Have to Do to Survive in Liberal Academia

Today’s show comes to you from deep in the Pugcast bunker. This episode is about the illiberal hostility of liberals directed towards conservatives  in higher education.

Glenn is away with family for Christmas, so Tom and Chris invited Racer X to join them. (He’s named Racer X because of Chris’s nostalgia for Speed Racer–a cartoon he watched as a kid in the early 70s.)

Racer X is a conservative and a graduate student currently studying in at an undisclosed secular university. Tom, Chris, and Racer X discuss their experiences as conservatives in academe, and all three agree that things are worse today than when Tom and Chris were in graduate school.

BTW, Racer X’s voice is distorted for the show. (Yes, things are so bad that we resorted to witness protection techniques to disguise X’s identity.)

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