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CrossPolitic Show
Three Pastors Join us in the Studios to Discuss Mike Pence, the Billy Graham Rule, and Leadership

This past weekend was the Grace Agenda conference in our home town. Pastors flew in from all over, and three of them were bold enough to join us in the studio.  Pastor Joost Nixon from Training Leaders International in Minnesota, Pastor Virgil Hurt from Providence Church in Virginia , and Joe Clark from Tri-City Covenant Church in New Hampshire welcome to the show! This episode we discuss Mike Pence’s chivalry, his tie-breaking vote in the senate to allow states to defund Planned Parenthood, and how pastors should be equipping their congregations moving forward.

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About CP:
Cross Politic (Christ over politics) mixes the taboo formula of faith, culture, and politics in order to bring the clarity of the gospel into muddle-American.  We are a community of Christians who desire to see the Lordship of Christ in every corner of our culture, reigning over every politician, and changing every individual for our good and His glory.

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  1. It’s perfect that the Catholic Church came up at the right time in your conversation because they do have a large, global voice. Objectivity they do certain things better, the Mormons at times do things better, the Jehovah’s at times do things better than the ‘Evangelical Church’. Reformed churches don’t have a voice because they don’t have an ear quite yet; they are addicted to their own exegesis (rightly so) but we are following the path of the Church in Ephesus in Revelation. We have become isolated from the whole Body of Christ, church doesn’t even interact with church. We drink the Heroine of our own pride. How can we call on congress to act in a politically mature way if we can’t even form a unified body that can battle to dismantle these denominational disputes. More explicitly, if we cant govern within the body of Christ, how are we going to teach the pagans to govern according to Christ. Moreover we should all pry that Jeff Durbin’s new show is strengthened by the Holy Spirit to break into the public sphere in a bold way.

  2. I liked the comment about how Progressives will overstate things in the direction they want your mind to go, e.g. Mike Pence’s act of faithfulness being somehow illegal, and how Christians are afraid to think or act as aggressively on the side of Truth, i.e. shooting for more than we think we can attain. The former is often “click-bait,” maybe the latter should be “prayer-bait.”

  3. No way! Joost Nixon! He is (or was) a teacher at my school Veritas Scholar’s Academy! Crazy to see a teacher at my school on such a good, God-glorifying podcast.

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