CrossPolitic Show
CrossPolitic Show
Trump's $1.3 Trillion omnibus | 20 Questions w/Summer Jaeger from Sheologians

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Show Notes

This week we were joined by Sheologians‘ Summer Jaeger. Sheologians exists “to fill a void many women in the Reformed camp feel. Culture, art, our attitudes, our relationships, and the whole of our lives needs to be viewed through a comprehensive, Christian worldview. We hope to help put those lenses on while dissecting these issues, as well as provide a safe space for Calvinists to feel like they can laugh again. We hope to push back on the squishy, postmodern view of women that has infiltrated the church. We hope to be the antidote to the feministy presuppositional poison that so many are unaware they hold to.
So put on your slippers and try not to be offended, cause hardly any subject is off-limits (except baptism–don’t ask us about baptism).” We did anyway.

In CrossPolitic news, we cover Trump’s most recent Joe Biden tweet, his $1.3 trillion omnibus bill, and a judge in Oregon who was suspended for not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

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