LaP – Let’s go brandon vs the black robe regiment

On this return episode I am talking about the current red pill rage that fills stadiums with chants of F Joe Biden and how that compares to the preaching of the Black Robe Regiment. Are we a people spiritually ready to battle?

L&P: Debating Ruslan on the the answers to injustice

Ruslan is a YouTuber and successful music producer who has been interviewing evangelicals on matters of Critical Race Theory. He was kind enough to come on my show and discuss possible solutions to matters of injustice. I enjoyed this conversation and appreciate Ruslan’s willingness to engage in these issues.

Law and Profits is BACK! Gina Carano is Cancelled!

We talk about Gina Carano and Cancel Culture. Why is it important for Christians to stand up against cancel culture. Does Cancel Culture really hurt people? It’s been a long time coming, but I am moved in and the studio has been painted and sound proofed. So here’s the first new episode of Law and […]

L&P – Election Predictions with Rett Copple!

Hey everyone! I recorded a conversation with a friend from Virginia named Rett Copple. He’s got a super brain when it comes to polling and data and I thought it would be good to interview him and discuss his election predictions. This was last minute and off the cuff but I think it might bless […]

TGC sucks at Social. Netflix defends child-porn

On this episode we talk about the death of giants. First we talk about how The Gospel Coalition is losing terribly at social media. What does The Gospel Coalition have to do with Nintendo? Then, what in hell is wrong with Netflix. How do we stop them?

L&P: Investing in Christian Infrastructure

On this episode of Law and Profits we are in the studio with Gabe Rench and The Chocolate Knox to discuss what are the sort of things that Christian’s should be investing in. Where are the Christian venture capitalists? What should they put their money in?

L&P – Let’s Defund the Police!

On this episode we talk about whether or not we should defund the police. What does the Bible say about localized militarized armies? How should we respond to those in Minneapolis and the nation who are calling for our police to be defunded?

L&P: TV is Terrible, and Being Angry is like Christ.

I tried to do a fun episode and just talk about how bad TV is now, but towards the end of this show as I was signing out, I felt there were some things I needed to talk about. I had to repent for not being angry.

L&P: Abortion Clinic Refuses to Close by Order of Governor

Law and Profits

On this episodes we talk about how a clinic in Houston refused to shut down by Governor’s order and the corrupt police department that refused to play the man and enforce the order. The last half of this show is me taking discord calls and interacting with the live stream audience.

L&P: PresupPolitics – Meet Hawkeye the Atheist Socialist

Law and Profits

This episode has adult language not suitable for little home schooled kids. Presup Politics is where I share the Gospel with socialist who want to chat with me during my live streams. I’ve really enjoyed doing these and as long as God keeps sending me socialists that want to debate I will continue to have […]

L&P: AD Robles talks TGC and Social Media

Law and Profits

The Real AD Robles joined me on a live stream to discuss The Gospel Coalition’s recent attacks on social media. Why do they hate it so much? What happens when the gatekeepers lost control over who gets in?

Democratic Socialist vs Christian : Live Phone Call

Law and Profits

Last night after streaming the Democratic Debate I had some viewers in the chat that wanted to have a phone call with me and tell me why I should support Universal Healthcare. Here is the audio from that conversation with Jay from Detroit.

L&P: A Miracle in Virginia

Law and Profits

Law and Profits returns! On this episode Marcus discusses having open heart surgery, and the gun rally in Virginia.