CrossPolitic Live!

Idaho Candidates for Governor, Dr. Tommy Ahlquist and Lt. Brad Little, joined us to discuss states rights, healthcare, education, and abortion. Enjoy the show!

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CrossPolitic Live: Idaho Race for Governor

Folks- thanks for enduring our month off. We hope the reruns were still a blessing. Don't worry though, we did not waste the month of August. We had the the honor of having Lt. Governor Brad Little and Dr. Tommy Ahlquist joined us on CrossPolitic live, at the historic...

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Most People Don’t Look

Most of the people who walked by us looked indifferent; they probably didn’t even notice our signs. But of those who actually looked at us, most of them smiled or gave thumbs up. Many stopped by and said thank you for volunteering. One woman stopped by to talk about...

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Idol Matching 2

Round Two Same-sex mirage and divorce. Same-sex mirage and fornication. In a previous post, I argued that far too often, the idolatry we enshrine in our own hearts matches the idolatry present in same-sex mirage. As Christians, when we countenance any sort of abuse of...

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Christian Scientists

Several years ago, a lot of press was given to the new Common Core standards that were implemented nationwide.  At the request of several state school boards, the Common Core standards are English and Math requirements handed down by the federal department of...

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