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Harvey Weinstein Represents Hollywood Well, and Boise State's Diversity is Fake Like Hollywood

CrossPolitic Live!

Idaho Candidates for Governor, Dr. Tommy Ahlquist and Lt. Brad Little, joined us to discuss states rights, healthcare, education, and abortion. Enjoy the show!

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Business of Forgiveness

We are back on our regular schedule, and had the privilege of interviewing Jason Elmore, sales leader and author of Elite Execution. Sales books are a dime in a dozen, but we think Jason has some real value to add to this discussion. This is particularly the case when...

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Gun Laws and Heroism after Las Vegas

Like a sniper in a war zone, Stephen Paddock found a defensible position 400 yards from his target, and set to waging his little war on the Route 91 Harvest music fest in the early morning hours of October 1. From the killing fields of the darkened concert ground it...

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Idol Matching 3

Recap In this series, we’ve been dealing with some of the idols in the world that need to be torn down and the fact that Christians keep their own version of these idols in their hearts. Same-sex mirage out there is akin in some ways to fornication and sexual...

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