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A Person’s a Person, No Matter How Rich

The estate tax (or death tax, or silver spoon tax, depending on who you ask) is the state’s attempt to redistribute the money of the wealthiest families in America. In recent months, it has seen support from Bernie Sanders, and has been sharply criticized by President...

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Podcast Episodes

The Gray Havens and Christians in the Music Business

Folks, during the month of December, we invite you to celebrate advent with us by joining our club membership! If you sign up as a club member during December, while supplies last, we will send you a CrossPolitic magnetic bumpersticker and a CrossPolitic special...

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All Access Apologia with CrossPolitic

The Apologia crew joins us in the studio to discuss the Idaho governors race, and the changes brewing since our live governor's show back at the beginning of September. We also talk about Apologia's upcoming church plant in Kauai. Please check out their website and if...

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