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ExxonMobil, Women in the Draft? SBC Doesn’t Know What a Pastor Is w/ Jared Longshore

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Magazine Feature

When the Government is an Abusive Husband

By Levi Secord With all the insanity we’ve seen around the COVID-19 fiasco, what has frustrated me the most is evangelicalism adherence to gross governmental overreach. Before this past year, I believed statism was a significant threat to God’s people in the West, and...

Being Tossed To and Fro By Critical Race Theory

By Levi Secord Preface In October, a group of concerned pastors and I met with our denomination’s leadership, the North American Baptist Conference (NAB). We brought our concerns about how the leadership, and its new Racial Righteousness ministry, were promoting the...

In Every Domain of Human Existence: An Institution-Building Church

By Rhett Burns The book of Proverbs often perplexes modern readers of the Bible with its earthiness. What’s with all the talk of work and women and words? What does that have to do with the Great Commission and the kingdom of God? It turns out a lot.  In his book...

Christian Defense of Nationalism

Guest Article by Darrell Dow The last decade has seen the global emergence of nationalism and populism. From Japan to the Indian subcontinent, from the Middle East to Europe and the Americas, the global political divide is increasingly defined by the chasm separating...

2020: The Year of Our Lord

By Rhett Burns America has hashtagged, memed, and bemoaned the year 2020. People have shaken their heads, cracked jokes, complained, and otherwise wished the calendar would change, in hopes their fortunes would change with it.  But let me remind you: 2020, for all its...

Fire in the Chest: The Imminent Sexual Reckoning

By Rhett Burns Your house is on fire, but you don’t realize it yet. It’s an electrical fire, tearing through the walls, ready to engulf everything you have. You’re scrolling through Netflix, unaware of the havoc to come in fifteen minutes.  This is the situation of...

Latest Articles

Why It’s Good to Dance at the Defeat of God’s Enemies

Guest Post By Seth Bloomsburg The overturning of Roe vs. Wade by the Dobbs vs. Jackson ruling is incredibly historic. I simply do not have the words to describe how monumental this ruling was. Virtually everyone alive today has lived the majority of their lives in the...

NEW FLF Course for Screen writers by Jason Farley

Christian Screenplays shouldn’t suck Starts January 11 Meets Tues & Thurs, 5pm Pacific time Register Today! Christian Screenplays shouldn’t suck. Unfortunately, they have gained just such a reputation. The world has been in a story telling contest since the...

NEW FLF Course by CR Wiley on Tom Bombadil

In the House of Tom Bombadil Starts January 12 Every Wednesday 5pm-7pm Pacific time, for 7 weeks Register today! Who is the mysterious and apparently ridiculous Tom Bombadil? How did he manage to get into The Lord of the Rings? There’s been a lot of speculation, but...

Are You a Christian Nationalist?

By Rhett Burns Are you a Christian Nationalist? This seems to be the talk soup of the day on Twitter, thanks to threads like this, so let’s weigh in on how to answer. There are some questions that require nuanced and careful answers. For example, asking Are you a...

Rittenhouse, the Right, and Our Evangelistic Opportunity

By Rhett Burns I now rise to offer three cheers and a toast to King Kyle of Kenosha. May you live free and full of years, and may your tribe of bold men, full of courage and action, increase! May your slanderers pay through the nose and your accusers become a stench...