TIME recently ran this article entitled, “Transgender Americans Feel Vulnerable Under President Trump”. It aims to give voice to the plight of the 0.6% of the US population who suffer indescribable pain at the fact that the Trump administration rolled back Obama’s famous “bathroom” executive order. The article outlines the fears which the transgender community is feeling as a result of returning to those ancient traditions of about 10 months ago.

TIME opens this article on human suffering by illustrating the very gender normatively that oppresses the Trans community; it introduces us to a “transgender woman” and “her” “wife”, who is also transgender. Without any sort of trigger warning, TIME flings patriarchal gender norms and pronouns around like Jar-Jar Binks with a blaster gun. As a good writer, part of the job is being deft at describing; but the GQBLT crowd is clamoring that we must be tediously careful to refer to someone’s gender identity “correctly”. This, though, would require us to pin down a fact, gasp! Who get’s to decide what is meant by TIME’s description, “transgender woman”? I’m left to wonder what that means, and from a writing standpoint, that description is not helpful at introducing this character. In other words, does that description really describe this person in the story. It might as well go on to tell me about dry water.

It goes on, however, to report on how many parents of transgender children and teens are outraged by Trump rescinding Obama’s order. It quotes one father of a “transgender daughter” (what does that mean?), and this “daughter” is five years old. What is striking here, and which needs highlighting, is that the play which the progressive left is running is not for the bathrooms, it is for education of children. Notice that Obama’s executive order was aimed at schools being mandated to comply with letting students pick the bathroom of their gender “identity”, or else federal funding would be withheld from that school. The goal isn’t so much bathroom civil liberties, but rather the ability to continue using federal funds to shape the culture of the next generation. They want that generation to be malleable for the use of progressive ends.

Make no mistake, when Christian prayer was removed from schools the real issue wasn’t what was removed from the schools, but the cultural agenda that filled its place. The same play is going on now, but under the guise of transgender bathroom “protections”. What we are faced with is the fact that the goal isn’t primarily about protecting the rights of trans students, it is ensuring that the next generation of children are surrounded with a culture that is decidedly un-Christian and saturated in moral relativity.

It is important to note that (amongst adults surveyed) the 18-24 year olds have the highest percentage of transgenders. This is a feedback loop, as the more they are able to saturate and insinuate transgenderism as an option, it will only replicate their numbers. Children are full of all sorts of foolishness; heck, I wanted to be a rodeo cowboy as a child. But the goal of education is to teach children how the world is, according to God’s standards. The objective for the left is to win the next generation, not necessarily this one. So, the GQBLT community serves as a useful battering ram in the hands of overweening statists, who desire to break apart God’s natural order of things, that they might run them instead. Thus, the family must be broken apart. The most obvious way of doing this is by intoxicating an entire generation with confusion as to what a family is and how one is made.

The Christian response to this is not to fight over the bathrooms, but over the entire education system. Simply rescinding Obama’s executive order does not mean we win; the left’s goal is to see the state raise our children. The horror of Obama’s legacy on this point is that it reveals the voracious appetite which secularism has for Children. Sadly, many Christians willingly give their children to the processing plant of government run schools, and their offspring are made a feast for the experiments of secularism.