We knew it would only be a matter of time before this sort of thing becomes more common. A couple of women who identify as men have a child, which they have decided to not assign a gender to, and thus allow their child the freedom to “discover” itself. You can watch the interview here:

A few things to note here. Theology always comes out our fingertips. What we believe necessarily shapes what we do. These “parents” are only acting out what they believe. Consequently, the values that they hold to are what they are passing on to their child. They might think they are creating a vacuum in which their child can discover itself, but none of us live in a moral “no-man’s land.” Sorry, that last idiom may be offensive…I meant, “no-people’s land.”

The other thing that is striking here is that these “parents” feign to be “not choosing” to assign their child a gender, thus sparing it from the social pressures of conforming to being a boy or girl. But their not choosing is…follow me here…itself a choice which their child has no say in. They have made a choice about what sort of gender values they want their child to have. They want their child to value autonomy when it comes to choosing its gender. Regardless of whether this is right or wrong (cheat sheet, it’s wrong), they cannot pretend for the cutesy social media video that they have done anything less than what every parent in history has done when they declare “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” They have simply opted to shout, “It’s an autonomous human!”

But autonomy is the fairy dream of postmodernism. This child (I don’t know whether it is a boy or a girl) did not choose to be conceived, did not choose to have cute curly, black hair, the color of its eyes, the tone of its skin, or the genitals between its legs. None of us get to choose our genetic makeup. This is because we do not come into this world like ball bearings coming off a factory line. We are brought into this world through the choice of our parents, and we are given what they had–their genetics, time in history, financial status, geographic location, familial relations–it all becomes ours. None of this is our choice. We are shaped and fashioned by the long line of our ancestors, and the choices they made.

Being a covenant child is inescapable. This child is brought into a covenant of death, sin, rebellion. It cannot help the fact that its parents have chosen a covenant of rebellion to God’s created order. It is growing up being taught that it can chart its own destiny, be its own sovereign. This humanistic worldview is the broad way which leads to destruction. The only way off this path is through repentance. Repentance, in this case, looks like embracing the sex which God assigned this child in its mother’s womb.

While this gender-fluid madness is a vile temptation, it is a relatively obscure and uncommon one. Very few people in the world truly are tempted in this direction. The real sorrow here is that these parents are tying the millstone of their own sexual rebellion to the neck of their precious toddler and sinking it into the sea of the diabolical madness of the GQBLT religion. Their judgement will be severe for causing this little one to stumble. Their “not choosing” is a choice to place a vile temptation before this little one at every turn it makes. God will judge, and will not spare. Unless they repent of their own folly, and the folly they’ve introduced to their child. May God be merciful and grant repentance.

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